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Good Morning!

Transitions.  This is a time for transitions we all share, such as back to school and the beginning of the end of summer; I know many would say we haven't had summer yet, but the calendar says differently.  Then, within each group of friends or within a family unit, other transitions may be taking place; loved ones passing, relationships beginning or ending.  We notice and mark these transitions as times of change, yet, in reality, transitions, changes are happening every minute of every day; some are just more noticeable than others.   It's the shifting of energies that creates the transitions and energy is in constant motion.  When we are in transitions that feel good ~ weddings, parties etc ~ time seems to move so quickly; when transitions don't feel so good, the energy, time, seems to drag and we wonder if it's moving at all.  I assure you it is.  Knowing that energy is always moving, and transitions are a constant, it's a great reminder that when you are in a "feel good" flow of energy, be sure to take it all in because it won't stay the same forever; if you are in a "not so feel good" transition, remember that the energy is constantly moving for you as well; it won't be that way forever.     


I am so excited for the next Breathe & Begin class starting this coming Monday night and running for 4 consecutive Mondays.  I have a couple of spots open yet ~ I do cap the number of people for this series!The cost for the 4 week series is $75.  If you know someone who is interested in beginning a yoga practice, this is the place to start!  Please email me to register!

This Saturday's Yoga Roulette class at 9:15 will be taught by Carla Gesell!  She was here last Saturday as well and I so appreciate her being able to come again so soon!

Starting next Wednesday, the EVENING Slow Flow class will begin at 6:30pm and end at 7:45pm.  Hoping this new time works for everyone!  The Wednesday, September 25th class will be cancelled for another visit from Markus Kasunich (see details below).
UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP to register!

TeriLeigh is back on September 14th!  She is teaching the 9:15 Yoga Roulette class that morning and then moving us into 50 Shades of Yoga from 11am-1pm.  We will discuss the wounds we receive as women, the gifts inherent in them as well as female sexuality;  we will explore how body awareness and energetic mindfulness can enhance the female sexual experience and embrace the nature of sexuality as a merging of the body-mind-spirit.  This is a new workshop for TeriLeigh and she is really excited to share it with us!!  $20 for the workshop.

Friday, September 20th, marks the date of our next Energy Exchange from 7-9pm.  This is a great way for energy practitioners to receive self care, something we all tend to put "on the back burner".  This is for anyone who has received some type of training in energy modalities ~ reiki, cranio sacral, massage etc.  Everyone gets time on the table and we follow it up with a snack potluck.  $10

Have you heard of the tv show "Long Island Medium"?  Well, we have our very own "West Bend Medium"...Jen Martin, owner of The Soul Source yoga studio in West Bend is coming to share her amazing gifts with a Group Mediumship Demonstration on Saturday, September 21, from 3:30-5pm!.  Yes, she talks to dead people!  If you have seen the Long Island Medium show, Jen works group gatherings the same way.  While no one is guaranteed a message, you will be able to witness the process of channeling the essence and spirit of loved ones who have passed on and any messages they may have for their dear ones left behind. This type of demonstration can be very uplifting because it reminds you that life goes on after death and our loved ones are still with us in spirit. It will be a wonderful way to celebrate the lives of people who have passed on and the love they send from beyond.  RSVP to sign up!  $20

For all you folks available in the mornings after kids are off to school, Deborah Lighthart is back on Wednesday, September 25th, with another Energy Bath right after the 9am class ~ 10:45.  No water involved, just a beautifully led meditation to clear energies no longer serving you!  Bring your pillow and anything else you'd like in order to be comfy.  $20

Then, Wednesday night, September 25th from 7-9pm, Markus Kasunich is back for another round of inspirational wisdom.  This time his focus will be on the Ego ~ what is the ego matrix?  What is the relationship between the soul and the ego?  Why do we need an ego ( and YES we NEED our egos!!)?  Markus comes to us from California (originally from Canada) with an extensive background in spiritual studies.  His approach is pragmatic and he is very down to earth ~ exactly why I love him and am thrilled he chooses to come here!   $30

Many times I have mentioned we have a place up in Eagle River.  Ladies, here's a chance to come up and share the amazing space with me for the weekend of September 27-29th.  Dawn Leader and I have put together a  Weekend of Feminine Wisdom that will include some yoga, meditation, silence, yoga hiking, campfires and more!  Lodging for 2 nights, 3 meals on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday and a chance to go inside and access your own divine feminine wisdom.  We have limited availability so if interested, contact me as soon as possible for more details.  

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May your find transitions to joy today!
See you on the mat!!