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Good Morning!

I came across a "new to me" Sanskrit word the other day that I wanted to share with you!  The word is "Mudita" and it means "the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's joy".  I learned of this word from an article posted online in The Daily Love by Cathy Cassani Adams called "Want to be Happy? Be Happy For Others!".  I loved what she had to say so I thought I'd share some of it with you today:

"I've always loved this Sanskrit word; it's not the first time I've written about it.  It feels light yet powerful, and it speaks to the person we all want to be.  And notice that it's not all about giving; we get the joy of delighting in other people's joy.  Mudita is actually a self-serving act, because we get to feel joy, too." 

I love that!  She also points out that if someone tells you something and you feel envy come up within you, know that it is a normal human reaction; it's about taking a deep breath and asking what the envy is trying to tell you.  When is the last time you felt true joy for someone else's great news?  For me, it was just last week when Rebecca (the FABULOUS massage therapist we are honored to have working here) passed her final exams at massage school!!  It was so much fun to share in her excitement!  I've also experienced envy recently as well...on such a beautiful day, we'll leave that discussion for another post.  Whose joy can you share in today?


Tonight is the last Breathe & Begin class of the September session!  What that means is that a new 4 week series begins next Monday, October 7th.  If you are looking to get back into a yoga practice or know of someone who has been interested in learning more about yoga, this is the series to sign up for!  Each class of the Breathe & Begin series builds on the previous week so it's a great way to get a solid foundation for your yoga practice. 

This coming Saturday's Yoga Roulette class will be taught by Carla Gesell.  She's a wonderful instructor and I'm thrilled she wants to teach here.  She has told me it will be an eclectic class...hmmm...sounds like fun!  She's great at creating a class that's just right for the people who show up!!
UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP to register!

Believe it or not, tomorrow is October 1 and it's the first Tuesday of the month so that means Joel Gollhardt will be here for Meditation after the 6:15pm yoga class.  The class ends at 7:30 and meditation takes place from 7:45-8:30pm.    Joel is wonderfully intuitive so his meditations always connect to all those in attendance in just the right way and we are thrilled he shares his gifts with us. $15 

Deborah Lighthart is here twice this month to share her Energy Bath with us.  She will be here tomorrow right after the 9am class at 10:30am and again on Saturday, October 12th at 10:45am .  There is no water involved, just a beautifully led meditation to clear energies no longer serving you!  Bring your pillow and anything else you'd like in order to be comfy.  $20

Saturday, October 12th, Steve and the Boyz will be here for an evening of channelling messages.  Steve Polifka channels spirit guides Gladimir & Zephram (and sometimes Alexandria) and he will be here to share the messages they have for us as a group and individuals.  If you were here for the Evening of Curiosity, Steve was here that evening contributing to the messages.   We'll start with a 5pm potluck in the house, then  move to the studio for the 6-9pm event.  $35  Limited seating for this event so register as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

Thursday, October 17th, Shaman Keith Varnum is here again to share his perspective on life with us.  This is a free event where you will be introduced (or re-introduced if you've been with Keith before) to Matrix Energetics.  Keith comes to this area twice a year from Arizona to share his gifts with us.  He has traveled the world and studied with many different teachers in many different cultures.  He has a unique view of life and shares it with a wonderful sense of humor.  

If you enjoyed the Evening of Curiosity back in August, you may want to sign up for Curiosities Revealed on Thursday, October 24th.  This time Joel Gollhardt and Laura Watson are teaming up to assist attendees through challenges by looking at past lives; disconnecting threads no longer serving you and connecting to lives you had that will serve you well in this one.  This will be a similar, yet expanded, version of what we did back in August.  We are limiting the attendees to a max of 15 so sign up now!  $35

Click HERE to get to the website for more information.

Just a reminder, when you come for events and classes, please feel free to park in the driveway ~ we have plenty of room!

It's a gorgeous day...look around...share in someone else's joy today and see how it increases your own!  Experience mudita today!