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Our New Spice in Life!

Higher Brain Living® has a new look, but our revolutionary system remains the same. The new branding reflects the richness and depth of being better connected to your consciousness and seeing life as a string of exciting possibilities. It's powerful. It's earthy. It's profound. It's vivacious. Higher Brain Living® offers clients the chance to create an extraordinary new life, to thrive to let go of stress and overwhelm, to experience joy, confidence, passion, and to grow and evolve every day.

Deeply rooted in science and perfected for years, by founder Dr. Michael Cotton, "Higher Brain Living® is like bamboo, a tree that takes years to sink its roots deep, before rising like a skyscraper in a matter of months - spreading its branches to create a canopy for humanity." The community and support that is created when you become a involved in this movement is like no other and when you're surrounded with same-minded individuals that seek positive change, you can't help but soar!

To view more of our transformation visit www.higherbrainliving.com.

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October 10, 2013 - Austin, Texas
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Find your calling as a facilitator of change.
October 28, 2013 - New York, New York
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"This doesn't give you a moment of bliss, it changes your life." 
- Dr. Michael Cotton 
Leading Evolutionary Theorist and Founder of Higher Brain Living®

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