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What's are your limiting beliefs?
Would you know?
Are your beliefs truly true, even though they are only true to you? I'm sure you've heard the phrase or read the book by Wayne Dyer " Change your Thoughts, Change your Life". Those words are the truest words ever spoken and yet so difficult to understand the ease in which our lives can be transformed by changing one's thoughts. Thoughts can make your life miserable, lonely, or depressing. They can leave you angry and sad. They can also make your life more productive, uplifting and joyful, more loving, and yes, happier.
The world is made of beliefs. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and feel is created from or interpreted by beliefs. Some of them are unique to you, but the majority originate from your environment. You were born into a world full of beliefs, and as you grew up, you were socialized into accepting those beliefs as true. Basically, we all live in a world of other people's ideas, and somewhere along the way, we've taken them as our own. We've agreed to the beliefs and take them as 'the truth.'

As we grow up, it's very common to forget that we've accepted these belief systems as the 'right' answer. We forget that they are subjective and malleable. Then, at some point in our lives, for whatever reason, we decide to change something about ourselves—lose weight, earn more money, find a partner, leave a partner, have more compassion, become more intelligent, get more work done, remember our dreams, etc. This motivation to improve Is a fundamental characteristic of consciousness. We work hard at making these changes, struggling against ourselves, hoping to surmount a lifetime of conditioning and habit. Sometimes, we are successful, but most times after a few hours, days, or weeks, we revert back to our old familiar patterns.

But what is it that prevents us from transforming into the people we wish to become? The answer to each of these is belief. Deep down, the person has a belief that conflicts with the change they want make in their lives.
Hypnosis can help to change beliefs no longer useful to beliefs that are productive and more of what you are wanting in your life.

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Each thought is precious. We can learn to think in positive affirmations. Yes, it takes a bit of doing to gain control over our thoughts; however, the rewards are tremendous. The past has no power over us. Even problems have no power over us. Our power lies in the thoughts that we choose to think today. Remember, there are endless opportunities for good before us.

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