Music Series Pt. 1: Battle Scarred

Music Series Pt. 1: Battle Scarred
By Karen Voss

"The wound heals but it never does
That's cause you're at war with love
You're at war with love, yeah..."
-Lupe Fiasco, Battle Scars

At some point in our lives, we've all been part of a battle. Some battles revolve around love where others stem from a tragic event. That can consist of war, divorce, car accident, 9/11, or the completion of suicide. Where as some of these battles leave everlasting scars, others subside over time.

Someone once said that time heals all wounds, but I'm not sure this is true. Certain days of the year, places, items or events can trigger the battle all over again. Whether you're dealing with a broken heart, post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of tragedy, or if you're affected every time you hear about a death related to what you've experienced. Scars, physical or mental, can also be hidden in emotions. Something as easily as a fragment, from the battle can trigger flashbacks i.e. for me this past winter, lawn ornament deer, my husband went to the garage that morning to restring them, only he never touched them; he used it as an excuse to complete suicide.

What if you went to serve your country only to come home and every time you hear gun shots or fireworks and you're taken back to Iraq or Iran or another country. Maybe you saw your comrades get severely hurt or killed or even civilians. Maybe you're the one who came home with a severe injury or a lost limb. Those battle scars never completely heal. There are ones that do heal, but it takes a long road to reach that place.

Some people have a battle with their mental health on a daily basis or that what they're dealing with can't change. They think that things can't improve even though they have all the tools available to help them. I remember the story behind my journey being shared with a group of people. Within that group, a lady who thought of ending her life as a way out and then she listened and heard what suicide can do to a family and to friends. She decided then that this wasn't the way out; she lived because I lost a loved one to suicide. I inadvertently saved her life.

In this decade, children bullied during school or on the streets, makes them feel small, scared, and no good. They can't stand teasing and yet, the help they require isn't available. Their voices go unheard. If luck happens, they'll live. If not, then they choose death over life. To learn more about teen suicide, you can read this article. You can also learn more about awareness by reading my blog post about it; either do a search or read the posting.

Many battles we face in life and many hurt lives, minds, and hearts move every day. It's up to everyone to make sure that everyone feels safe, secure, and loved. I'm doing my part. Are you?