Music Series Part 4: Not Alone

Music Series Part 4: Not Alone
By Karen E Voss

Thousands of people live in our communities and are part of support groups and yet on any given day, you could feel like you're connected to no one. It's not true, but the feeling resides in our hearts and minds. We're consumed or overwhelmed with everything circling around in our lives that we forget that someone waits in another place to touch our lives. Days or nights arrive where we separate ourselves from everyone else. Yet all around us we're surrounded by Angels, spirits, loved ones, and friends hoping that one day we'll find our way Heaven, to our hearts, to our souls.

It's frustrating to think that no one understands what we could be dealing with. They think they know, but unless you've been through the EXACT same thing, how can anyone understand what you deal with or dealt with? The world and our lives evolve and we evolve right along.  When your life gets touched by circumstance, you have two options: sit on it or work through it. Either way, we're not alone. We are never alone.

Within an arms reach, we have phones that call, text, and go online. We also have paper, pens, a computer, feet, and legs that allow us to call on/spend time with someone we trust that we can talk to. Maybe you require venting, advice, or just someone to say, "I'm here for you, you aren't alone. I can listen, just talk". Recently, I received a text message from a friend I haven't seen in a few months and yet, the words "Much love to you too!!", grabbed at my heart and allowed a few tears to pay me a visit. Something small and yet full of meaning. No, I'm not alone and that message shared that truth.