It's an energy thing

It’s an energy thing*


*With enough energy, anything is possible

The idea: The more energy you have the more you get out of life

Everything falls into place. You get your S**T together. It’s easier. More fun. More productive.
Notice your energy levels as you go about your day. Trust your body: it will let you know what you need.

Where are you losing energy in your life? When/where are you most drained?

What energizes you? What jolts you, lifts you up, gets you giddy? Makes you relax? What has you feeling better immediately no matter what?

{dancing does it for me; guaranteed every time. I can go from crying in the bed wanting to quit to feeling awesome so fast its hilarious}
Years ago I was at a meditation teacher training seminar out at Krishnalaya in California + after an intense session, I couldn’t stop crying so I went to lie down in my room and I was thinking of going home + my roommate came in to find me to tell me we are all dancing in the hall I didn’t want you to miss out {this was at 11 am or so} and I couldn’t resist.
The leader knew intuitively exactly what I needed and announced an impromptu dance session.
This seminar ended up being one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life; I owe so much to this experience.
This is why I trust my passions + intuition over anything else.

Intuition cues you in on what wants to play, with what’s possible, what wants to be created through you; then you fall in love with this + it comes effortlessly into being through you. This is what you really want. You don’t have to force things. Its as if they are already created, just waiting to happen. Incidentally, this is why many get stuck in creating their reality: they go after what they think they want.

See the difference?

Since Love = the most potent creative force: with enough love + focus, anything is possible

How far away are you from living what you REALLY want?

Emotion is everything: Immerse in the feeling of totally having what you want: let the insights + intuitions show you what’s missing, what you can do. You’ll know. The more you feel like you already have what you want, the quicker it shows up in your world.
Just like that.
Premakarini x
Let me know how this goes + I want to hear what works for you – any tips you are moved to share – in the comments below. The more we share our insights collectively, the more fun we can all have: it’s all about connection.
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