Invitation to AWAKEN

You are invited to see and hear something revolutionary

Do you want to live your most authentic life having more clarity, joy, confidence, passion, and connection?
You are invited to see the innate potential for evolution put into action.
It will not be like anything you have ever seen before.
Be the first to know about the  potential waiting inside of you and everyone.
You will see a presentation and a live demonstration of the Higher Brain Living® technique in the AWAKEN Higher Brain Living® Center
Third Ward 
by Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, Dillon Johnstone.


Milwaukee, WI 53202
Suite {302}


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Unleash your potential through the power of your brain.

The Higher Brain Living (HBL) Technique is a revolutionary gentle-touch process. During an HBL session a Registered Higher Brain Living Facilitator activates specific points in your body in a specific sequence with specific timing, creating a surge of energy from your primal fear-based lower brain into your prefrontal cortex, the seat of the higher brain, where your potential lives.
It is a consistent, repeatable and transformational process.
More than that, the HBL system connects you to your potential; your purpose – and helps guide you forward into a fearlessly authentic life. 

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What makes this process so unique?
Higher Brain Living® is the only system in the world that shifts the physiological state of
the brain consistently and repeatedly and uses this advanced brain state to transform all
areas of life.
After over 75,000 documented sessions, we know that HBL Sessions are a way to rapidly
apply breakthrough Transformation. Higher Brain Living® achieves three major

1. An energy shift from the lower brain to the higher brain occurs, changing the
physiology of the brain and releasing stress and reorganizing every cell in your body.

2. After several sessions, you can reproduce this effect (at home) while working with a
new life map that accelerates daily growth and evolution.

3. The positive life changes you seek become associated with higher brain physiology.
This new physiology is the missing link in enabling the radical breakthroughs in
personal transformation that you've been seeking.

What will I notice on my first HBL session?
Your higher brain (Pre-Frontal Cortex) will awaken. A profound spontaneous breathing
response that feels like every cell in your body is breathing will occur. As your higher brain
creates a feedback response to increase its energy, this will become more pronounced
and you will also feel the release of stress and gain a level clarity and confidence unseen in
human beings before.
"Awakening is primarily due to a fundamental change in brain function with a shift in brain
dominance to the prefrontal area." "There is a shift of the brain's command center and the
individual wakes up to a higher level of consciousness and to a new reality which seems
to be even more real than the old one."-Andrew Newberg MD- Professor of nuclear
medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Are the spontaneous changes in breath like a yoga or meditation breath

No. The breath you feel in your body is spontaneous; you are not consciously breathing
differently. This is not a new way to breathe, but rather a mechanism that your higher brain
engages to open subtle energy channels. Higher Brain Living® is the only approach we
know that consistently produces the profound higher brain state and positive life changes
addressed here.

How does Higher Brain Living® work?
We have cracked the code! We've discovered new ways that energetic communication
pathways are organized in the body. In addition, we've developed specific protocols to
engage these pathways through VERY precise pressures, vectors and sequences. The
HBL protocol promotes the release of an electrical field that moves through the pathways
and energizes the higher brain. The higher brain then amplifies the response through
feedback, energizing itself. In addition to the change in brain function, our program
provides you with the tools to create a new map of your life and the new strategies needed
to live fearlessly and authentically.

How can gentle touches in the body lead to such profound change?
Specific piezoelectric pathways in the body are rich in microfilaments and microtubules
that are crystalline in nature. These pathways have the potential to generate electrical fields
when compressed in just the right way.

"A small amount of energy applied at a specific point at a specific time can give rise to a
sudden and dramatic shift into a new and stable pattern of structure and activity." Dr.
James Oschman, B.S. Biophysics, Ph.D. Biological Sciences, author, academic researcher
and expert on human energy connections and communication.

Why does the Higher Brain Living® breath response create a fluid sine wave
motion in the body?

The human body stores stress in a sine wave pattern. The higher brain has untapped
mechanisms for permanently releasing stress in the form of a wave movement—
simultaneously opening pathways for more energy to increase in the higher brain.

I look forward to sharing with you my experience with you soon,

Dillon Johnstone

231 East Buffalo Street
[Suite 302] Milwaukee , WI. 53202

410 South Michigan Avenue
[Suite 414] Chicago, IL 60605