How do I attract the right kind of positive energy to my life?

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Quite often I receive a request for personal/business advise or resources through my website. Today I thought I’d share the correspondence with you…

Question to me:

Everything is not going right. I want success, money and happiness mostly and a lot of times I even want fame but I guess my biggest thing is just wanting to be happy and comfortable with myself and life.

Thus my main question is……

How do I attract the right kind of positive energy to my life?

So that in the future I have all the things that I want and need in my life…..

I mean, is there some secret society that I have to join or something?

Just PLEASE tell me

My Answer:

To answer your question simply…To attract the kind of positive energy you desire in your life, you must be the kind of positive energy you desire, and more will come to you. That’s the good news.

But it’s not going to come from a secret society, it will come from your expansion. It’s a process as you continue to make choices in the direction you want to go and be willing to let go of that which is not serving you.

Focus on freedom. Feel free and enjoy the vision that you’re creating into your reality. Know that it’s yours, but you have to allow it. If your results aren’t showing up, then there’s something going on that you’re resisting and blocking it. Keep in mind, that those things that appear to surface as challenges, are the very things required to further your expansion into what you want…to become, to have, and to do. So you may just want to choose to be happy that they appear instead of becoming frustrated – you are a work in progress…a great & powerful creator!

If you desire it, it’s on it’s way and your resistance to some part of it will be the only thing stopping it. So keep it simple and follow your bliss. Nothing else is that important. : )
Much love ~