Full Moon Meditation + AngelSpeaK Message Circle

Full Moon Meditation 
+ AngelSpeaK Message Circle
with Peter Ross Voigt + Deborah Lighthart
6:30-9:30pm Sat Nov 16
@ HeartSpace
122 Green Bay Road
Suite 110
Thiensville, WI 53092
$20/ea or $30/both payable at event

Peter Ross Voigt of
Full Moon Meditation
with Peter Ross Voigt
$20 Suggested Donation
Peter Ross Voigt is a certified, licensed and insured Massage Therapist from Cedarburg Wisconsin. He has been practicing & teaching classes and workshops on meditation & massage for over 25 years. His style is unique and refreshing. Raised in the Midwest, he knows how to go beyond the spiritual mystique often associated with meditation, breaking it down so that it is easy – even fun – for everyone, even if they have no experience at all with meditation. Peter has over 25 years of experience with multiple disciplines, including Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido and Shamanism. He has found a common thread in the meditation techniques in each of these practices, and has distilled them into their basic essence, making it easy for anyone to “get it” almost immediately, and “keep it” with only 10-20 minutes practice per day.

Deborah Lighthart of
AngelSpeaK Message Circle
with Deborah Lighthart
$20 Suggested Donation
When in doubt, ASK the Angels! Join us for an enlightening adventure in extraordinary communications that can help put life in perspective, bring healing to the heart and set your soul at ease. Communicating with your Angels couldn't get easier! Join us, as Deborah Lighthart shares group + individual messages from the Angels, Spirit Guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors and others Beings of Love + Light that watch over us. The session begins with an Angel Prayer/Meditation. A group message is offered and then, individual questions are taken from the audience, as time allows. The Angels bring us all together during each session because we are sharing similar soul lessons, so every question asked contains insights for all of us. Trust and take with you whatever feels right for you, and let go of anything that doesn't.