Life Lessons

I've heard so many people say "The Universe will hit you with that lesson again and again until you get it." or "Life has to hit you upside the head for you to change." I want to  take a moment to challenge that thought process...

What if what happens in your life actually stems from your own shadowself? What if there is no cosmic beast that is waiting to beat you up for not "getting it"? What if it is all just another part of yourself that creates your life circumstances in order to find the healing that your soul needs? Could you thank yourself for revealing your own woundedness? Could you lovingly and gently forgive yourself for any and all shortcomings? Could you allow yourself to release the need to put yourself through it again? 

When you can do that, you will set yourself free from all of the "karmic" garbage that you go through. When you can accept your own infinite being and love yourself through and through, you will no longer be worried about what happens "out there", but totally aware of what happens "in here." In your heart, in your soul, deep inside where you connect to the source of energy that creates your entire world. When you are truly connected within, you will experience freedom like you've never known, peace like still waters, strength like a mountain and love like wildfire. 

I fall into that connection from time to time and I hold onto it as long as I can. I'm not yet "there," but I'm on my way. I've seen the glory, I've glimpsed the greatness and I know it is exists within each and every one of us. You were born to experience the magic of your own being. Let go of anything that makes you think you are anything other than that. There is no need to repeat the harsh lessons. You can graduate whenever you want. So, take a breath and let it go. Set yourself free. Free to live the life you desire.

Happy Healing.

Deborah Lighthart
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