Challenge = opportunity

Challenge = opportunity


You’ve got this.

When crisis strikes your reaction is always going to be to fight back, to resist, but this only depletes your much needed energy reserves at this time.
There is another, more effective way.

If you perceive a challenge as an opportunity, you engage life efficiently & optimally.

Your instinct is preservation. Survival. This is why you resist unwanted events. But when you do this you not only reinforce the negative effects of the situation, you lose a lot of energy in the process: the very energy that would effortlessly inspire & motivate the very solution to the situation you need to handle.
It’s always a question of energy.

Einstein, who had a particular genius when it came to understanding energy dynamics insisted  “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

Einstein also declared:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Instead of your usual resist reaction inquire. Turn inside yourself for the answers and keep questioning until you get answers that deeply resonate, that come directly from your intuition {there’s good reason your life feels upside down and inside out right now: its supposed to}

Here are some powerful questions to kick start things & give challenge that necessary push back to gain some ground {& gather your strength}

What do I need most right now?*


What’s the hardest thing about what I am feeling right now?


What am I most afraid will happen if I give into the emotions? {by the way, crying in bed all day is often the best thing you can do when you are experiencing deep trauma or devastation. This way you get it all out fresh and clean. Honor & respect yourself enough to feel and fully experience what you feel: you are worth everything. Give yourself emotional sick days when needed. Call it the emotional flu}

What do I need to really believe in myself?

What’s driving me the most right now? What is most important in my life?

What do I need to live the life that inwardly I long for the most?

Who would I be without {insert whoever first comes to mind here..this can be anyone: an icon, your heroine, a creative inspiration in any shape or form} What would my life be like?

If I could start a completely new life today without any ties what would I do first? 
What would I do if I had unlimited resources and creative genius? {you do, incidentally}

                                                                                                                {Creativity saves us}

*What I find helps me the most right now when I am really up against something:
Singing {Yours is whatever you love to do most}

Singing saves us. Singing is a ridiculous rush. When we sing, we embody more soul. There is this particular quality of catalytic alchemistry that happens when you let your soul sing what is most true to you in the moment; your whole body changes, everything changes. It’s very palpable.

Sing to yourself. Sing to loved ones. Sing to people you are in conflict with. You don’t have to be a songwriter or singer to get the powerful benefits of song. You can start with a song that intuitively pulls on you and let it develop into your own. When I sang Bohemian Rhapsody that one time and the lyrics just altered themselves to what I really had to say, everything changed.

I could hear my voice clearly and I am still in awe of it, to tell you the truth. The other day when I was singing along to something I was really listening to and the lyrics just wrote themselves, when I sang them to hear them out loud and I really listened to my voice, my heart beat so hard in my chest I could hardly contain the amount of energy and bliss rush. My heart kept time and showed me the pace & rhythm. It was extraordinary. My whole body became music. I am still trying to fathom exactly what happened.

What sings to you?

I believe in you. Make today extraordinary.

Premakarini xo
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