Body-Mind-Spirit Power Hour*

Body-Mind-Spirit Power Hour*
with Deborah Lighthart + Special Guests
10am Every Sunday
in the Feronia Wellness Chat Lounge
Donations Accepted

If you're looking for a weekly practice to help get every aspect of yourself into Divine Alignment, then you've come to the right spot! We've got something for your body, emotions, mind, spirit + life all combined into one powerful morning session to start your week off right. In this hour, you will find Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Education, Inspiration, a little Divination and so much more. From each session, you can expect a delightfully, delicious blend of the following....

AngelSpeaK Messages 
with Deborah Lighthart
When in doubt, Ask the Angels! We all have Angels + Spirit Guides watching over us. This is a great time to connect with yours. Deborah offers a group message for all guests and takes questions from the audience as time allows.

Yoga Pose
with Cindi Schickert of Treetop Yoga
Breathe deeply and find your balance. Together let's expand the vibrations of peace, love and joy throughout our universe by expanding the peace, love and joy within each of us.

Color and Sound Healing
with Lee Ann Baum of The Healing Place
details coming soon...

Energy Healing Webinar
with Deborah Lighthart
They sound like guided meditation. They feel like Reiki energy healing. They incorporate breathwork, toning, creative visualization, shamanic journeying and other energy-changing tools, but they're like nothing you've experienced before. They take you deep into your subconscious, helping you to restructure the energy that creates your reality. 

Guided Meditation, Hypnosis or other Mental Health Techniques

Emotional Balancing or Creative Expression Tools

Social Consciousness or Environmental Awareness Tips

Remote Reiki + Distance Energy Healing
with Deborah Lighthart, Joan Stroika, Dee Amaranth, Erik Swenson, Pattie Peterson, Lee Ann Baum
We are all made up of energy. Reiki and Energy Healing are a great way to clear away negative energies, to increase positive ones, to dissolve karmic lessons/soul contracts and allow you a clean slate to create your life.

Q+A for Holistic Living
with whatever Speakers are present that day
This is a time for you to ask questions about your own health and happiness, personal growth and evolution or whatever you'd like to know.

*The Body-Mind-Spirit Power Hour is a non-denominational, non-religious, yet holistically spiritual experience, designed to assist you with developing your ability to know yourself, express yourself, love yourself and really BE yourself.