3 Truths from 80 Days of Meditation

3 Truths From 80 Days Of Meditation

#1: You think better.
Once you get used to clearing your mind each day and silencing your thoughts, you rewire your brain to think more intuitively.
Focusing on your breath and sitting in silence, or chanting your mantras, wakes up your subconscious and plugs you into the flow of energy that burns through the clutter littering your mind.
Your head feels clearer and it’s easier for you to generate inspired ideas.
You also see yourself differently and are more adventurous than before. Something about constant bursts of clarity sparks the fuse of your greatness and expands your realm of possibility. Whoop whoop.
#2: You cultivate patience.
Whether you’re third in line at the grocery store or waiting 30 minutes for the next train, you’re a lot better at waiting because you’ve trained yourself to sit still for x number of minutes every day.
While you may not start chanting each time you have to wait, you will be more chilled out while you do, as opposed to crawling up the walls with boredom.
#3: You become more of who you were born to be.
Spend enough time clearing your head and you’ll notice an evolution of your behaviour.
Suddenly you find yourself dropping the baggage in your heart so you can make room for fresher, more nourishing things to grow.
You become aware of the quality of your energy and all the resentments you’ve been lugging around for a while. 
Inevitably you decide to face your shit so you feel lighter and freer to live your dreams into reality.
You can’t fulfil your big vision while you’re weighed down by the past, and you can’t start something new until you tie up the loose ends choking your flow.
The beauty of meditation is its restorative power as it heals and cleanses your soul.
You find it easier to forgive past wrongs and free yourself from the pit of recrimination, bitterness, and resentment.
You quit playing the blame game and take responsibility for your actions so you can move on and do something meaningful with your time + energy.
Living a fulfilling life starts with your inner transformation as you build new habits that unlock your power and motivation to succeed. You dare yourself past the edges of your comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens. You dare yourself to go where you’ve never gone before.
Also, daily repetition of your mantras changes you from the inside out; you become the person who lives by the words of your choosing.
Take me, for instance; I feel whole and I know that I am enough because I speak those words to myself every day.
I wanted to feel stronger and more confident in myself, so I took those words too and spoke them into my reality.
It wasn’t about repeating things that weren’t true; it was about repeating the things I decided would be true. It was about choosing to feel different and doing the things that embodied my desired feelings.
So yeah, daily meditation will make you feel like a superstar and powerful enough to translate your big dreams into reality. Now that’s sexy.
Today I celebrate 80 days of meditation.
I feel light, joyful, clear, and powerful.
I know who I am and have an idea where I’m going.
I’ve expanded my being through daily yoga and meditation, and cracked open the chains that bound me to negative thought patterns + behaviours.
I’m closer to who I was born to be, and it feels unutterably glorious to be this aware of my heart + possibility.
And you? What new ground have you broken lately?
Let’s talk all about it in the comments below.
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