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The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human has just released as an e-book. Now you can download the book from Amazon onto your cell phone, tablet, or computer. This is a great option for folks who want the book available on-the-go or who prefer not to purchase paper books. As Hilarion says:"Read this book. Change your life. Tell your friends."

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The element of surprise: the power of the universe to dazzle and refresh us with novel experiences. In every second something new occurs. Feel free and enjoy!
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Our lives are a parade of events, day in and day out, year after year. Often we see a consistent pattern to our lives. The same sorts of things seem to happen over and over again. We find ourselves in a rut.
In our third dimensional reality, we perceive things through the lens of our dimension’s prevailing mindset—separation consciousness. We tend to believe, deep down, that we are separate from all other beings and things, and ultimately separate from divinity, or God, too. We judge ourselves to be unworthy and the rest of the world to be untrustworthy.
We use this perceptual platform to interpret what goes on in our lives. As a result, we experience loneliness, loss, lack, anger, frustration, disappointment, danger, and boredom. These unpleasant experiences seem to justify our belief in the uncertainty and uncaring nature of existence.
Our separation mindset also colors our thoughts and forms the basis for our fears. Our thoughts of division and our fears will create events that arise from our underlying sense of separation, causing a seemingly unending loop. We believe in separation and therefore find separation in its many flavors in our lives. Our separation thoughts arise from our past experiences of separation. These separation thoughts then generate more events that look like separation. The cycle goes on and on. We’re trapped in by our beliefs and subsequent thoughts in a largely unchanging pattern of existence. Click to learn how to make your life more wow and less ouch.
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