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The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human tells us how to be happier, just as we are. As Hilarion says:"Read this book. Change your life. Tell your friends."

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Absolute certainty about anything other than love is impossible. Love is the only constant. It is the source and destination of all things.
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It’s often said that the only constants in life are death and taxes. Because many of us experience a largely fear-based existence, that may seem to be true. Divine reality, which we all given the ability to experience, offers us something different.
All of existence is predicated on love. The universe—all that is, was, or ever will be, or the sharing—is formed of conscious love. Nothing else is possible.
The sharing splits off instances of itself, known as threads, so that it can experience itself. Each thread expresses in many and various forms throughout dimensional structure. Each and every thing or being has its origin in the conscious love that makes up the sharing. Depending on the prevailing level of consciousness in whatever dimension a thread expression exists, the thread expression will have more or less inherent understanding of the interconnection of all existence through conscious love.
As humans in the third dimension, the usual thought patterns of our physical mind are based in separation consciousness—the belief that we and all other beings and thing are separate from each other and from divinity (conscious love). We have mostly forgotten how love connects us all in the most basic and holiest way. Click to learn how to experience more love, every day.
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