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Good Morning and Happy Summer! 
Energy Healing can heal physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and financial issues. It can also help heal the body, mind and spirit. It has the ability to "raise your vibration" or consciousness level. Healing for some has a specific goal, for example, to heal cancer. Energy Healing can help you to heal your specific goal while at the same time help you evolve, grow, open to the universe and  all it has for you. Reconnect you with Source, Light, Creator, God.  
I use the term Energy as most are familiar with it.  However, while in the healing many sense, feel and or see Angels, Healers, Guides from the light with me and them doing the work. It is quit amazing, the feeling and the results.  The different modalities create different results or experiences but all of the healing I am a conduit for creates profound results for the receivers.
Please know your life will change.

Group Healing Sundays
$15 each or 3 for $30
Group Angel Healing    11-12:30 1st  Sunday of month
Guided Visualization    11-1       2nd Sunday of month
Look of Love                11-12     3rd Sunday of month

Group Energy Healing is a powerful way to experience healing..
These healing sessions can help heal on a physical, emotional, psychological, financial, spiritual and mental level. Many report a miraculous healing after a session. Most report life transformations within weeks of the session. Please bring something comfortable to sit or lay on.

Guided Visualization is a journey of healing, wealth and happiness. It feeds the body mind and soul while you receive worldly knowing. Each of us holds the wisdom of the universe within us, we just need to open the door and go through to get it. Guided Visualization takes you to the doors you need to open so you can release the knowledge that is already there. Each session is a new journey. 
Please bring something comfortable to sit or lay

Look of Love is a healing process that is unique and extraordinary. The eyes are the window to the soul, the window to the world. During this group session I look at the group, as I look at the group healing happens for each person in the group. This is miraculous, powerful healing of the body, mind and or spirit. Immediate results are felt by most.  Some have reported healing of brain injury, the heart and emotional pain. Please bring something to sit or lay on.
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Angel Messages
4th Sunday of the month
11 - 12:30

I'm blessed to be gifted with many gifts. One of the gifts I have is the ability to communicate with those in the light, Angels, Loved Ones... I'm a channel as they give information/communication through me. They bring messages of love, hope, and understanding. There is a group message and individual messages. 
Please bring something comfortable to sit on and let the journey begin.
Private readings session after group session.
August Guest Co Channel: Deborah Lighthart
September Guest Co Channel: Michelle Blalock                   

Please register at www.hypnotoni.com 

Past Life Regression
Friday August 23rd

This is my most requested program so sign up early. This is a great experience that is fun and therapeutic! During this group session we go back in time to explore lives of Fame, Fortune, Happiness, ... and bring back as many skills and gifts from those lives as possible. We decide as a group the type of lives we go back to. Each person has their own experience they can share with the group if they choose to. When friends and family experience this together they often go back to lives they shared in the past. 
Please bring something comfortable to sit or lay on

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You Are Love
August 13th - September 17th (6 Tuesdays)
7 - 9 PM

This is about you. It's about you loving you. It's about you loving you unconditionally. Not from the ego, from the heart. You can only love others to the extent that you love yourself. Others can only love you as much as you love yourself. We are born pure love, as life goes on things happen that can make us guarded, build walls, keep people at a distant. We call it lack of self-esteem or self worth, it feels like loneliness or sadness, it looks like separation and illness. In reality it is lack of love, unconditional love for self. If you have unconditional love for self you automatically have it for others. This program helps you release what's blocking your heart from opening. When your heart is open, your world is open to all the world has for you. You can gratefully accept all the gifts here for you.
Please bring something comfortable to sit or lay on. 

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Sent with LOVE

Weight Reduction
Sept 11-Oct 16th
(6 Wed.)
7 - 9 PM

This is a series of six hypnosis sessions mixed with success coaching and peak performance exercises. I have been helping people lose weight through hypnosis for years and the results are amazing. It happens naturally.  The changes just happen, goals are met and exceeded, results are permanent. This program is always full so please register early. The program focuses on changes you want to make with regard to food, weight and body size. These programs are not a diet, they are a lifestyle change with regard to food and eating habits. With diets you may lose weight, but when you finish/end the diet you go back to your original eating habits and gain the weight back. These programs get to the source of the weight problem and releases them. Many are amazed at the source of the problem. Some people notice changes immediately and others will send me an email after the program ends saying I lost 20 lbs or I put on a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear for years! Are you next? Please bring something comfortable to sit or lay on.
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