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You Are Love Starts Tuesday!
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You Are Love  
August 13 - September 17 (6 Tuesdays)
7-9 PM
This is about you. It's about you loving you. It's about you loving you unconditionally, not from the ego, from the heart. You can only love others to the extent that you love yourself. Others can only love you as much as you love yourself. We are born pure love, as life goes on things happen that can make us guarded, build walls, keep people at a distant. We call it lack of self-esteem or self worth, it feels like loneliness or sadness, it looks like separation and illness. In reality it is lack of love, unconditional love for self. If you have unconditional love for self you automatically have it for others. This program helps you release what's blocking your heart from opening. When your heart is open, your world is open to all the world has for you. You can gratefully accept all the gifts here for you.
Please bring something comfortable to sit or lay on. 

Angel Messages

Angel Messages
4th Sunday of the Month
I'm blessed to be gifted with many gifts. One of the gifts I have is the ability to communicate with those in the light, Angels, Loved Ones... I'm a channel as they give information/communication through me. They bring messages of love, hope, and understanding. There is a group message and individual messages. 
Please bring something comfortable to sit on and let the journey begin.

With Love

Toni Greene 

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