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Good Morning!

No great insights or big story to share this morning, just a simple suggestion or challenge for your Sunday...see how many people you can make smile today and see how many smiles that brings to your face and to your heart!  If it feels great, do it again on Monday...and then, maybe again on Tuesday...and then...and then...and get the picture!

The next Breathe & Begin class will start on Monday evening, September 9th and run for 4 consecutive Mondays.  The cost for the 4 week series is $75.  If you know someone who is interested in beginning a yoga practice, this is the place to start!  Please email me to register!

Wednesday, August 28th, Deborah Lighthart will be here for a morning Energy Bath from 10:45-12:15pm.  No water involved in this bath, just a washing away of energies we may be holding that are no longer serving us.  The class involves a short introduction by Deborah (an amazing psychic and energy healer) and then she leads us in a wonderful meditation.  Bring your pillow and anything else to help you feel comfy.  $20
Thursday, August 29th, 7-9pm...An Evening of Curiosity with Joel Gollhardt.  This will be an evening of introducing and exploring the concept of past lives.  Sometimes we have an instant connection with someone, or an instant dislike, and we really aren't sure why.  There may be past lives involved with these people.  This is an evening for FUN exploration!  Joel has the ability to connect into peoples past lives; he will share with us how it works for him and his perspective on the past life "stories".  Everyone present will have the opportunity to hear about at least one of their past lives.  If there is someone you are curious about, it does help if you bring a picture of them.   $15

Tuesday, September 3rd brings Joel Gollhardt back  to Treetop again for Meditation from 7:45-8:30.  Join us for yoga at 6:15 and stay for meditation.   Make that full mind/body/spirit connection.  $15

TeriLeigh is back on September 14th!  She is teaching the 9:15 Yoga Roulette class that morning and then moving us into 50 Shades of Yoga from 11am-1pm.  We will discuss the wounds we receive as women, the gifts inherent in them as well as female sexuality;  we will explore how body awareness and energetic mindfulness can enhance the female sexual experience and embrace the tantric nature of sexuality as a merging of the body-mind-spirit.  This is a new workshop for TeriLeigh and she is really excited to share it with us!!  $20 for the workshop

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You share your light with the world when you share a smile from your heart!!
See you on the mat!!