TMR Thursday & September

Sedona Sunset

TMR at the Soul Source
This Thursday, August 22nd
and Early September too!   

A single TMR® experience
can change your life!     

Thursday, August 22nd, 7 - 9:30 pm, 6:40 pot luck optional 
The Soul Source at 6988 Wildwood Rd in West Bend
***Note - Jen Martin will be joining Kelly and Erik to share messages and answer participant questions!

TMR events in the 1st half of September include:

Friday, Sept. 13th, 7- 9:30 pm, 6:30 pot luck dinner optional
Erik's A Spirited Place on Pretty Lake (address below)

Saturday, Sept. 14th, 7- 9:30 pm, 6:30 pot luck dinner optional 
The Atrium  at 6160B Industrial Court in Greendale  

CLICK HERE for on line registration
and payment through PayPal

Dear Deborah,    
The TMR® Circle experiences continue to expand in ever new ways. 

Jen Martin, the creator of The Soul Souce in West Bend, will be sharing her medium gifts with Kelly and Erik and guests this Thursday night.  We are also excited to be announcing another gifted friend shortly who will be co-hosting the Magnolia Group in Pewaukee, and looking forward to the ever greater expansion that will continue to unfold this fall and beyond.

Yet the essence of each TMR Circle experience remains unchanged through it all:
  • The introduction to each Circle is followed by the sharing of channeled and/or intuitive messages specific for each group
  • Guests are welcome to ask whatever questions they wish, and will receive channeled/intuitive responses through the co-hosts (and at times other guests)
  • Spiritual life coaching insights are shared as appropriate to empowering guests to integrate the insights they receive into their lives 
  • Following a short break, the co-host begins a guided meditation that continues to weave us through the healing experience as the unconditional love of TMR energies so lovingly and powerfully flow, and each participant receives the healing that is most optimal for them to experience at that time
Each of these experiences are unique, life changing, and shared in the spirit of assisting each person in achieving the most blessed and joyful experience possible.

The exchange is $44 per person, with financial support if needed (in other words, if this exchange is not financially comfortable for you, join us anyway, and bring an amount that is:).  

What can you bring to the events with pot luck dinners?  Glad that you asked:):
  • Yourself... and a possible guest or two
  • A way cool dish of one of your favorite foods to pass (potlucks are optional) 
  • Whatever beverage you desire (other than the water and tea here)
  • An open heart and a smile :)   
Questions?  Please reach out to Erik at:

The Mission of A Spirited Place, which is the programming Erik shares and/or hosts in his retreat-like home on Pretty Lake near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, is to provide:
  ~ Enlightening programming,
  ~ Healing of the body, mind and spirit,  
  ~ Life, manifestation and spiritual coaching services
to assist individuals in the awakening process, including helping to find, to know, to love and to expand the Divine Spirited Place that exists within us all:)  

Erik Swenson's A Spirited Place
W375 S4957 E. Pretty Lake Road
Dousman, Wisconsin  53118

 Directions to Erik's A Spirited Place:
~  Take I-94 to the Highway 67/Oconomowoc exit
~  Take 67 south 8 miles to County CI
~  Turn right on County CI, continue 1 mile 
~  Turn right onto Pretty Lake Road, continue to the stop sign 
~  Turn right again at the stop sign, and follow the road for 1 minute to Erik's House (on the left, marked with signs, cones, and often balloons too:)!  

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