Love is the Key to All Doors

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Love is the key to all doors.
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When something isn’t working out as we might wish or plan, we usually think we can improve things simply by putting in more effort. When we have an issue with someone else, we often believe the problem will be resolved by one or both of us trying harder. When we’re dissatisfied, we seem to believe that work and effort—on someone’s part—will result in more happiness.
Our dissatisfaction arises from our judgment that something is wrong or is not as it should be. Frequently we will try a wide variety of tactics to improve what we perceive as broken or lacking. Or we may repeat the same actions over and over, hoping eventually they’ll have the desired result.
Struggle seems to be the only way to bridge the gap between what we want and what is. It often doesn’t occur to us that things are exactly as they should be. Acceptance isn’t our first choice. Living with people and things as they are usually is our last-resort option. It frequently happens when struggle has exhausted us.
When we resign ourselves to circumstances, we have accepted what is, but may not like it. This is the beginning of acceptance. We’re not happy with what is, but we’re tired of trying to change it. With time, if we’re honest with ourselves, we recognize there are positive aspects to the situation. We grow to appreciate what is and eventually even may find enjoyment in what previously seemed intolerable.
At the heart of this process is gratitude—an appreciation of life as it is. Click to read more about how love is the solution...
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