Happy Friday!

Good Afternoon!

When Jim and I moved into our home, we bought 1 piece of new furniture ~ a chair for our bedroom.  I loved that chair!  It was cushy and comfy; a beautiful shade of deep olive green that blended perfectly with the slate around the fireplace.  It was a perfect chair for the spot in front of the window.  Over the years, the fabric faded and a time came when a couple of our aging cats destroyed the upholstery.  Removing the chair left a void, a space in front of the window that just didn't look right.  When a free chair was offered to me, I took it.  The style and color were not even close to what I would have chosen, but I really wanted to fill the space and this one would do.  That was over a year ago and, on Wednesday, the chair went to Goodwill to connect with it's next owner.  I had been looking at that chair every day and though it was very nice and gave the cats a place to nap, it really wasn't what I wanted.  I spoke with my friend Joel that day and he pointed out how interesting it was energetically that I was willing to accept something I really didn't want/like in order to fill a void I didn't want to face.  Wow!!  That statement hit me hard and I realized how we do that in many areas of our lives.  Instead of learning to be comfortable with the empty space, we fill it with something less than what we truly want, often becoming complacent and never really seeking out our heart's true desire.  When I accepted the chair I didn't really like, I stopped looking for (and saving for) another one I would love.  Dating people just for fun is a wonderful thing; when we choose a significant other because we are so afraid of being alone, not because we feel deeply connected to that person, eventually we crumble under the weight of a relationship that is "less than" we truly desire.  Accepting a job that is less than your ideal dream job to pay the bills is fine; just don't lose the dream!  Know that the job is a stepping stone and continue your journey towards "work" that completely fulfills you!  Also, allow yourself to be open to seeing the temporary job in a new, joy-filled way, not something to be suffered.  Sometimes it's important to become comfortable with the empty space, sometimes it's important to remember that a temporary, less that perfect "thing" is okay as long as you remember it's temporary, sometimes it's important to clear out and create a space so the new "thing" can come in.   I can't wait to see what chair comes to live with us next!!

The same day I removed the chair, I received several calls from wonderful people hoping to bring their talents and gifts to Treetop...I am honored and excited for the offerings in the works!!


Saturday's 9:15 Yoga Roulette class will be Yin Yoga taught by the wonderful Diane McKee!  Diane has a wonderful presence and I highly recommend spending time with her at every opportunity!  After the class, she will be here for Toe Readings!  Your toes hold a lot of wonderful insights about the journey you have been on your entire life.  These readings are opportunities to discover things you may still be holding on to that would better serve you to release.  Contact her at pathwaystorelaxation@yahoo.com to set up an appointment!  

The first Breathe & Begin class was wonderful!  Eight lovely people joined me to begin their yoga journey!  Three classes remain and you are welcome to join us starting this Monday from 6:15-7:30pm.  This is a great class for beginners or for anyone who has not practiced in a while.  If you are interested and the next 3 Monday's don't work for you, look for another session to begin after this one ends!

Next Firday, August 9th, I'm guest teaching at The Atrium in Greendale for their first, monthly, Mind.Body.Spirit.Sound Event. Click Atrium for more information on this wonderful family evening of yoga, music and more!

Kid's Yoga! Two weeks left!  Class is from 1-2pm on Wednesdays and kids 6 and older are welcome to attend!  The classes are $10 for the first child, $5 for each additional child, same family.  Please email to register!

UPCOMING EVENTS...Please rsvp to events so we can be prepared with materials and/or seating!

Tuesday, August 6th, Meditation with Joel Gollhardt, 7:45-8:30pm.  If you have yet to experience a meditation with Joel, you are truly missing out.  $15

Due to busy summer schedules, the last 2 Angel Circles have been cancelled.  Because of that, we are putting off the next circle until October.  In the mean time, Lori is holding a circle at her home (Thursday, August 8th) in Pewaukee if you are interested in attending one.  Contact her through her website by clicking...Angels  

Saturday, August 10th, Energy Bath with Deborah Lightheart, 11-12:30pm.  No water needed for this bath!!  Lay back, relax and let Deborah flood our space with amazing clearing energies.  Each session focuses on a different topic.  This is a monthly event and we are looking to add a monthly morning "bath" as well! $20

The Mary Group is coming back!!  Jacque Nelson channels a group of 9 spirits who call themselves The Mary Group.  A day with them is a day with Spirit!  On Saturday, August 17th, they will be back to focus on The Arc of Union.  This full day workshop is for you if you ever feel internal disconnect, incongruity between your desire and action, confusion, out of sync, out of step, out of balance and let's throw in a little self sabotaging as well!  This day is about shifting into more ease, flow, peace and continuity within.  The workshop goes from 10-6pm and the exchange fee is $135.  We are limited this time to 12 participants so reserve your spot!

Friday, August 16th, 7-9 pm Energy Exchange for Energy Practitioners. Snack potluck afterwards.  $10 for the exchange

Wednesday, August 21st, 7-9pm Markus Kasunich, Holistic Life Coach and Healer from California will be here to share his wisdom with us.  This experiential talk is titled "Living Beyond Fear and Control"; the short description ~ How do I get out of my own way??  Markus comes to Wisconsin on a regular basis and I'm thrilled that he is coming to Treetop for the first time.  He is a down to earth, connected, FUNNY man who has spent years in spiritual growth and exploration.  Learn more about him here...MARKUS  $30 fee for this event

Saturday, August 24th ~ Steve and the Boyz...more info to follow...

Thursday, August 22nd, 1-3:30pm. we will have a Mother/Daughter Yoga & Art class.  This class will focus on body issues that most of us women have experienced and many of your daughters will experience at some point in their lives; it's about body appreciation!  Kelly Geisler of Soulful Artwork will lead us in an experiential art project after yoga and discussion.  Learn more about Kelly and check out her beautiful artwork here... Kelly.  $25 per person includes art supplies.  To make sure we have enough supplies, registration by 8/18 required please!

Thursday, August 29th, 7-9pm...An Evening of Curiosity with Joel Gollhardt.  This will be an evening of introducing and exploring the concept of past lives.  Ever wondered why you felt so instantly connected to someone you hardly know?  Or, why you just can't connect with someone else for no apparent reason?  There may be past lives involved with these people.  This is an evening for FUN exploration!  Joel has the ability to connect into peoples past lives; hear the stories of your past connections! $15 

I understand that many of these workshops may seem to be about very similar topics; often they are.  I bring different individuals/groups here because we all resonate with different people at different times.  Sometimes we can hear the same information from 10 sources and not get it until the 11th source explains it in a way that reaches us deep inside.  If a description or person peaks your interest, that's your internal guidance system directing you to that event.  Follow that guidance!  Feel free to ask me questions for more clarity on a workshop ~ I'm happy to help.

To Learn more about these events, click HERE, find the event on the calendar and click on it! To register for these events, send me an email. 

Longer than expected email ~ just so much great stuff coming up!

To close, check in with the spaces/voids in your life.  Face the fear of the empty space if you need to, honor the "temporariness" of a situation if you need to, clear out to create space for the new if you need to.  Maybe you're getting a new "chair" as well!