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Want to find an easier, freer, and happier way of being? The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human can show you how? As Hilarion says:"Read this book. Change your life. Tell your friends."
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Out of the darkness came an idea, and the idea was that we are all one. It is intrinsic to our nature, because it is how we are born. We strive to identify ourselves to create meaning, but the only true meaning is in our origin.
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We all want to be special. We wish to be memorable to others. We would like to believe that we are somehow different and unique from others, in our own distinctive way. We feel the need to be valued as the singular beings we believe are.
We want to create a perfect and distinct identity for ourselves and we want others to recognize it, too. We believe that if we leave our mark on the world, we will have created meaning in our life. This need sets us up for failureClick to read the rest of this post on The Sharing website...
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