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Learn how to be happier, freer, and more fulfilled by understanding your place and role in life. You have a unique purpose as a human being, and the sharing has a plan to help you pursue your dreams and find meaning and joy in your life. Watch this youtube video, co-produced with Hilarion, to find out more. Please share.
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When we refuse something, we have rejected a piece of ourselves. Reject wisely.
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Just as much as we define ourselves by our likes, we define ourselves by our dislikes. "I don't like opera." "I don't eat meat." "I don't indulge in public displays of affection." Our dislikes represent a form of refusal. We reject some part of the experience our world offers.
It is natural and perhaps even wise to prefer some things over others. We may choose things that bring us pleasure or are healthy for us over things that make us uncomfortable or are unhealthy. However, when our dislikes become permanent and predictable, we wall ourselves off from a portion of the world.
In the divine reality of the sharing, nothing is separate. All is interconnected. All parts relate to each other, whether or not they acknowledge that interrelation. All is one divine whole. There are no exceptions or exclusions.
In our illusion of separation consciousness, we believe we are separate from the divine and from every other being and thing. We try to find meaning in our separation, and attempt to define ourselves by our likes and dislikes. We create conceptual boundaries and unwittingly limit ourselves.Click to read the rest of this post on The Sharing website...
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