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Want to feel more at peace with your self and the world? Want to share that freedom with others? Starlight Consulting LLC is offering a Reiki I Class in hands-on energy balancing on Saturday July 20th. Our outside world is the reflection of the energy and thoughts we carry within ourselves. Learn how to help create balance and peace for yourself and others.
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Blessed are those who bless and well wish others. They create a self-perpetuating loop. All love is self love.

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In this world of 7+ billion people, we personally know only a tiny fraction of those currently alive. Most of us dislike or are indifferent to most of the people we know and meet. There are only a select few folks whom we think about with love. We are selective in our caring.
When it comes to animals and inanimate things, our circle of love is even more limited. We care about our pets and our personal possessions. All else seems to be window dressing for our lives.
We may talk about being one with the world, but likely find a feeling of interconnection elusive. We try to care about what goes on around us, while often at the same time we feel unsupported by life. We just can't seem to plug into a way of being that incorporates love, mystery, beauty, peace, and joy. We feel disconnected. Click to read the rest of this post on The Sharing website...
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