Resistance (what you don't want to feel)

Explore and expand your emotional range. Emotion is creative fuel, raw energy. The more you feel, the more empowered you are.

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Resistance {what you don't want to feel}

You resist {avoid} what you dont want to feel. You fear emotions more than you realize. Whatever triggers or threatens to put you in undesirable emotional experiences you avoid, you resist, you postpone. When you know what triggers you and you actively explore this, everything changes.

You resist success. Once you experience a certain level of financial freedom, it frees up all those emotions you have been successfully avoiding. Survival mode, living paycheck to paycheck keeps those emotions in check: once you feel taken care of physically & fiscally, you are now free to address the next level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs: your emotions. You are quick to realize that it is these very emotions that kept you from experiencing this much freedom in the first place.

Success depression. They don't even put it in the fine print: when you reach a certain level of success, you run out of goals. You can only accumulate so much stuff before experience takes over. Then, with enough enlightened experience, you soon get spoiled. Material accumulation becomes undesirable. Your appetite for experience itself increases. Financial freedom is simply the means to an end, to these experiences, and more significantly, the opportunity to be of service to others.

Desire evolves

Feel what you are most afraid to feel

Explore emotion: there's feelings you haven't even felt yet.

Engage your emotions. You're going to have to feel them at some point, you may as well initiate the experience. The more you do this, the stronger you become, the more presence you enjoy. Presence is just how available you are in each moment. Resistance takes you out of this.
Play: dance. sing. act. compose music. write. create {these days I do these more than I would have ever dared to before}
Any form of creative expression opens up your emotional experience allowing you to feel + release your emotions. When you consciously release your anger {pain} you won't have to fear those outbursts which is just old suppressed emotion. I always release anger alone. You kind of have to to really cut loose.
Anger, fear - any form of emotional pain is what is stopping you from experiencing bliss all the time. They're the clouds blocking the sun. Unless you are living free of all emotional pain, your 'comfort zone' is not as "comfortable" as its having you believe. It's keeping you cozied up to whatever level of depression/resistance you are stuck in.
Pain = resistance. Accelerate the process: explore resistance. It's pure creative opportunity. Steven Pressfield's The War of Art is enough to convince you.

Expand your emotional range. Emotion is creative fuel, raw energy. The more you feel, the more empowered you are.

Emotion empowers. What food is to the body, feelings are to the soul. Rudolf Steiner

When you allow yourself to fully feel, when you experience emotion fearlessly, you create powerful resonance. Resonance opens up possibility. When you abandon yourself to what you really love, when you live your passions, you effect more change on this planet than you can ever fully appreciate. Trust this. Trust yourself this much.

You resist being who you are. You're terrified you're not good enough, or enough. What you are really afraid of is experiencing your own power: the power of being totally you. You're afraid to be you.

The truth? You are more than enough. Just be you.

Thank you for being here,
Premakarini xo
Creative adventure playgrounds {this week} This. Gabrielle Roth's Maps to Ecstasy: just started to get pulled into this, again. Cashback. Chronicle. Ashes to Snow by Gregory Colbert to Kid A, Radiohead: these two stand alone masterpieces are awesome layered together {put Kid A on repeat} These all capture + describe my experience exactly.

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