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Today's Quote for Your Consideration...
"Everything is a Belief...
Believe in Your Own Personal Power.
Love yourself. You really are Amazing!"
Wendy Kay

What are you telling yourself about yourself and the Oneness you are a part of?

The beauty about Choice is that we can always choose to think or do something different when what we're doing now doesn't really serve us. Have YOU taken the time lately to examine the thoughts you're giving to your own beingness?

Any belief can be changed with an intention. When you intend to believe in yourself and the goodness of God the universe, and make the effort of new thought, new possibility, and regain your own personal power within our oneness, by a daily (or frequent) devotion to this practice, you will be SO amazed at how your inner and outer life will change ~ in fact, you will realize it is one in the same.

Accept and acknowledge your own divinity. You're an amazingly powerful being with a magnificent mind; you're specifically intended with purpose and instilled with the unique gifts and talents to actualize that purpose. Without you, the world would be in deficit.

Love yourself always ~ I love you. : )
My wish for you is that you intentionally seek to learn or do something different today that will improve your life experience. I have found that quotes from others is a great way to find inspiration, motivation, or to just give me a new viewpoint to consider for application in my own journey. Think critically about what's going on in your own life. Know that you are accountable To you and For you ~ it's truly empowering!

Much Love to You 
Enjoy the day ~ 
Wendy Kay
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