Humans are what?

Humans are what? 

  Science has shown us truths about how magnificent we are. It is science that is bringing forth realizations that as humans we are spiritual as well as physical beings, (tangible and intangible). We are energy. We have a magnificent complexity of systems working together to enable our physical vessel to function and serve us through this journey of an Earthly experience. We also have a magnificent complexity of emotions and thought patterns that also serve us through this journey. We are very complicated beings.

Everything is energy. It is our judgments, (religion matrix) that perceive dark energies as bad and light energies as good. The truth is that they are only variations of energy. Form, matter is dense energy. Dark. We are dark energy (physical bodies). However, we are light energy (consciousness) as well. We cannot be one without the other and still be human.

In order for this to make sense for us we have to completely shake up absolutely every way that we have been taught. I don't know about you but all my life it has been preached at me on how imperfect we are and we need to be governed and taught towards becoming better. We have been given a very small opening to express our creative imagination as in writings or the arts and songs. But when it comes to expressing it through critical thinking we are stopped. We have had very little, to no say in how to educate ourselves, keep ourselves healthy, find spiritual value to our lives or create our place in society. This has been dictated to us. 
Our ability to critically think for ourselves and make choices for our individual needs and wants has been minimized to a point that anything that goes against the flow of our social training is criticized and demoralized as wrong.

I believe this has happened because of the teachings that humans can be better than what they are. This includes the new format, that we are Spiritual Beings, not Human Beings. Which in my opinion is just a new version of the old world religions. Grant it there is some truth within that format (otherwise it could not exist), but it is not the whole truth and it is surrounded by false teachings. To me, this keeps us in a state of not accepting who or what we currently are, holding us in an unknown discontentment and dissatisfaction. It keeps us reaching for an unreachable state of being. A state that is a constant reminder of how imperfect, incomplete and wrong humans are. One question needs to be asked. If we are spiritual beings, then why are we constantly being told to be something better?
Now I am not talking about our conditions of survival (technology), I am talking about what and who the species of Humans are.  
Our soul, or consciousness (intangible), choose to incarnate on Earth, in a physical vessel called “human”. Why? I can’t believe it was to continue to be a spiritual being or to strive to once again return to being a spiritual being, because that is where we came from. Been there, done that type of a situation. We came here to be human. We came here to learn, experience and Master being “Human”.
To look at ourselves and expect us to be anything, other than what we are, creates a sense of incomplete, imperfect state of being.

 I have gone through many mentors and teachers that spoke of the multiple dimensions of the Universe and what their energetic value is. I have read of the density stages and octaves of frequencies and all the beings of the many dimensions. With the original way in which the dimensions were being taught to me, a hierarchy was present. Or, that is how it has been perceived because that is how our reality is set up. But is that really how it is?

There are many intricate intertwining systems, emotions, levels of consciousness and thought patterns that we are dealing with all at the same time. We are multi-dimensional in feeling, thinking and doing.  For there to be harmony where dis-harmony is present, one has to have an awareness of the many intricate factors of self that was causing the discomfort. Note that I stated awareness and not get rid of……

This brings me to another format that has taken off in the New Age teachings. Ascension.
I have heard the word ascension since I became open to all this metaphysical stuff and yet I guess I never realized how oddly judgmental the whole concept of ascension is. Does that mean we are at a lower standard of Be'ing and that we need to strive for a better way of Be'ing? Why do we need to raise our vibration, lighten our density, expand our consciousness and let’s not forget the big whopper of the teaching to let go of  Ego and live through the heart? Trust your heart not your mind? I can not get past the feeling that these teachings are of the same teachings we were given all of our lives. Once again we are to seek to be a better Be’ing than what we are.
So?  “what are we?" Do we even truly know the answer to that question? If not, then how can we be better than it? How do we change what we don’t know? Seems to me the focus is out of focus. Why are we being taught how to bring change or create a new world when we don’t know what needs to be changed?  Why would we listen and believe the same concept that got us to where we are now? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
 I believe that if we did know ourselves we would discover that there is nothing to change. 

 What if one of our purposes is to become aware and realize that we are in the 3D, 4D and the 5D, etc…. all at the same time? There is nowhere to ascend because we are already there? We always have been. We just have never been taught to recognize it, be it and use it. We are not meant to ascend into someone better. We are meant to transcend into the knowledge of who we truly are. We do not have to change who we are. We don't have to do anything. However it would be nice that if we truly do desire to create a new world, then I feel it would be very beneficial to know exactly who we are on a personal, individual, self level. In other words, “Know thy self”.  
As a species of humans, we are complete within ourselves.  We have never been taught this. We have been raised with the belief that we are not complete. That we must be governed and taught to remind us of how imperfect we are and how we need to strive to be better than what we already are. Has anyone ever asked why we expect other (imperfect) humans to govern and teach us towards this? 

It is time to stop reaching for a state of being that already exists. It is time to start accepting, learning, and experiencing us, so that we may become the Master of being Human, and going home to self.

 We are what we have been waiting for. There is no hierarchy or ascension. 
There is no separation of the mind and the heart. They are of the one Be'ing. There is no separation of polarity, (light and dark, love and hate). They are of the one Be'ing. There is no separation of the thoughts and the feelings. They are of the one Be'ing. There is no separation of the dimensions. They are all of the one Be'ing. There is not one higher or better than the other. They have their value in the purpose of which they serve the one Be'ing.
Who or what is the one Be'ing? There is no separation between us and the source in which we came and are.     
It is us, Humans.
So what are Humans? We are perfect, complete and balanced Be’ings!
We are beautiful.
Cheryll Ann O’Callaghan
As eternal essence embodied unlimited
July 2013

--   We are Free Sovereign Be'ings  "Do'ing" according to our original purpose with Source  through self responsibility and liability