by Cheryll Ann O'Callaghan

I have noticed several people, including myself, using excuses in many conversations. Since I noticed it in myself, it got me thinking. Where do excuses come from? What lies at the base of every excuse? Could it be a belief that we have done something wrong and we fear of being discovered that we have done something wrong?

When I look at how we have been taught through religious righteousness and social political correctness, how in the world could we NOT do something wrong? If we are carrying around the belief that we have done something wrong and making excuses for ourselves to cover up that belief of doing something wrong, how can any of us truly be authentic?  We can't, which causes us to have even a deeper sense of doing something wrong because we are not being true to ourselves or owning our actions and choices. Boy, what a cycle of wrong doing. Where and who taught us this?

If we can face the reality that we use excuses for our actions, can we stop, before going into the cycle of  "wrong"  and first ask ourselves, " by whose authority have I done something wrong?"

Have any of us ever asked ourselves this question?

I want to first look at our government’s authority. Where did the government get their authority? Through the people. They were hired to help keep order in our society. They were not hired to tell us what is right and what is wrong. So when it comes to the political correct, law and order, the authority leads to us, the people. Ourselves.

Now how about the religious righteous. They say they are needed to help us have a relationship with God.  Somehow that has been translated into teaching us what is right and what is wrong. Where does religion get its authority? Many have the belief it comes from God. Is it not taught that God is found within each heart, our soul? Then that means we have God, or the authority within ourselves. 

Both ruling corporations of authority begin and end with self.  If there is no harm done to another, what is the “wrong" that we are carrying around? By whose authority was there wrong done? 

Look at ourselves and feel the truth of no wrong doing. NONE. We have done nothing wrong. We don't need excuses for our actions. Our actions express who we are as individuals. What is wrong with that? By whose authority is it wrong? 

We are the only ones who have the authority over ourselves for there is nothing between the creator source and self. Nothing. That makes us the creator source embodied in human form. Why would we allow any other authority to come between that and determine a wrong doing? Can anyone honestly say they do not know in their heart, what is right or wrong? Yet we allow authoritarians to dictate that we do not and we need to be governed and taught. That keeps them in the status quo. We are constantly being reminded on how we have been wronged.  Not by the authority, but by ourselves and our fellow man. Should that not make us wonder who is really behind this so called wrong doing?

Please look in the mirror, look in your eyes and say, "I have done nothing wrong."  Say it to your inner heart, your inner child, your soul. Feel the meaning of those words, and know how beautiful and special each of us is. We do not need excuses for being who we are. We can just “Be” and “Do” what we know to be a truth. “We have done nothing wrong”

Cheryll Ann O’Callaghan as eternal essence embodied

--   We are Free Sovereign Be'ings  "Do'ing" according to our original purpose with Source  through self responsibility and liability  Cheryll Ann O'Callaghan  as eternal essence embodied