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Today's Quote for Your Consideration...

"You never know until you try."  

Jocelyn Hallen, Triathlete & my own Chiropractor : ) 

So many times people don't try due to fear of failure - sometimes fear of success!
But, what if you DID try?! I've often heard that at the end of life people's biggest regrets are not those things that they did but, in fact, those things that they never did. You NEVER know until you try. And why not - what's the worse that could happen? OK, now that you're aware of that.....What's the best that could happen?!

Write yourself a note right now & put it in a place that you'll see often:

  • I Could
  • I Did
  • It Happened
  • They will
Know you ARE Amazing and enjoy the day! 
My wish for you is that you intentionally seek to learn or do something different today that will improve your life experience. I have found that quotes from others is a great way to find inspiration, motivation, or to just give me a new viewpoint to consider for application in my own journey. Think critically about what's going on in your own life. Know that you are accountable To you and For you ~ it's truly empowering!

Much Love to You 
Enjoy the day ~ 
Wendy Kay
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