Change: the art of life

"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on." Henry Ellis

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Change: the art of life 

Let Life change you.
{its going to anyway: you may as well come gracefully & skip the kicking and screaming}
Life is here to free you. Its art is change.
Welcome change. Change allows you opportunities in life that free you from what you are holding onto: your comfort zones, your limits. Be grateful for everything that acts as a change agent, transforming your life into pure possibility.

Elegantly embrace whats new in your life: this empowers you.

The more gratitude you feel, the more you accomplish: gratitude powerfully accelerates and innovates new neural networks, accentuating their immediate effect, allowing you to experience more ease as you navigate important life changes.

Life changes either come in the form of a crisis {usually your experience when you are attached to a particular outcome or event}, or they can come peacefully into your world depending on how flexible you are with new ideas, approaches and innovative ways of being.

"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

Ask yourself: what do I need to let go of: what beliefs, ideas, ways of thinking have I outgrown? {THINK of what you have been resisting/fearing/ running away from}
IDENTIFY: What do I want to experience more of? What brings me the most peace & bliss?
When you release what no longer works for you, it opens up your life for more of what you truly WANT.
WHAT do you need more freedom to creatively explore? What creative adventures do you crave?

Creativity: one of the most powerful change agents in the world

These are some of the change agents that have opened us this week for me: SINGING: Who wants to live forever by Queen this morning, My love & Breathe me by Sia, & writing and singing my new song, fall...INSIDE on sunday {this emerged from some writing I was playing with while listening to Stuck together by Atoms for peace/Thom Yorke}
What is opening up your world for you right now?
Love & peace,
Premakarini X

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