Shy to shine? 5 things to get to the good stuff in life

 Shy to shine? 5 things to get to the good stuff in life 
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 Shy to shine? 5 things to get to the good stuff in life 

1. The envy issue: it’s time to reframe envy and see it for what it really is: envy is the ultimate wake up call to what you want. Welcome the experience. Get comfortable with it. Don’t worry about eliciting envy from others. You are helping them to get clear about what they really want and this is a gift. I feel nothing but deep respect + gratitude for everyone who has ever been a creative influence for me, who created that initial spark of envy in me + kicked me into gear. I love them more than ever for having the guts to do what I was getting the nerve up to begin.
2. Moxie: getting enough nerve. We don’t know how to build up nerve, and this is okay. You have to realize this and allow for your learning curve. Moxie comes from experience. From practice. From trusting yourself enough. From allowing + knowing how to use mistakes. You learn how to navigate your nerves by building up what they {and you} can tolerate. It takes a while for our neural networks sometimes to catch up, so allow for this.
3. Be transparent: the more open you are about what you are authentically going through, the easier it is to shine. It's drastic, yes, but once you are out there, there’s nothing left to hide and this translates into unlimited ease. You relax. You are free to be totally you. You learn more. You realize that you are not supposed to have all the answers: that life is an adventure and the main objective is simply to have fun.

"There's nothing sexier than authentic expression."

4. Experiment: play with how you want to share your life. You have unlimited options. Give yourself enough room to move. Explore. You can create whatever you want in life. I love Charles Ive’s thinking: “Every great inspiration is but an experiment.”
5. Love more: live the unlimited version of your life. Love is your secret super power. You haven’t seen all it can do, yet. Don’t let a ceiling on how much love you think is possible stop you from living all that you can.
Thank you all for all the shares everywhere online. I so appreciate you taking the time to do this, you have no idea. Let me know below any insights or ideas you have. As always, its so fun to share with you, til next time.
Stay bold, keep shining
Premakarini xo

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