Self love involves nap time for the ego

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Self love involves nap time for the ego.
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We often judge other people. However, as much as we may be critical of others, we usually are even harder on ourselves. We all have mental lists of things we should do that we don't do, things we shouldn't do that we do, and ways in which we wish our body was different. We usually see ourselves as flawed in some basic way.
This perception of ourselves as essentially broken arises from separation consciousness---the belief that we are separate from all other existence, and therefore from divinity as well. Typically, separation consciousness is the usual mode of awareness for us in third-dimensional life. It develops as a result of our physical mind's (ego's) experience in a physical body. It generates feelings of mistrust, anger, disillusionment, frustration and disappointment in us---both with others and with ourselves.
As long as we view ourselves as essentially inadequate or incomplete, we cannot see ourselves as the sharing (divinity) sees us: beautiful, complete, and perfect. We are unable to feel true love for ourselves. Click to read the rest of this post on The Sharing website...
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