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June 2013
News From Free Spirit School
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Diane Bloom

Free Spirit Crystals is five years old!  
To be a part of  something this magnificent is something I could never have imagined when I first started Free Spirit Crystals 22 years ago.  

We've just graduated our fifth class with another on the way and, we believe, many more to come.  The willingness of the students to go on this journey with us has been a true joy; each of them bringing their own, unique energy and dedication to changing their lives.

I feel as though each one of them has been my teacher.  They have each taught me something about myself through their eyes, their hearts and their spirits. The enthusiasm they have each shown through their dedication to our Developing Consciousness program has continued to give me a renewed commitment to my own inner growth.

Rose and I truly believe that the world will shift one person at a time, that the energy of each shift will affect the lives of countless others.  Each of our students has made tremendous strides to be a part of that change and we applaud their courage and discipline to live in awareness.  Once we begin the passage towards inner consciousness, it becomes a way of life and an example to others who are seeking to make a change.

So thank you graduates and current students. What you have done and will continue to do for the world is immeasurable.

Rose Buds

Rose Koremenos 
I am always amazed at how quickly time goes by.  And all the lessons that come with each and every day.  As I reflect I feel the gratitude for the opportunity to do the work that I am directed to. 

Recently, I had a moment of being back in the first classroom on the first day of Free Spirit School of Integrated Energy Healing classes.  In the door came these brave and amazing students. I know that none of us knew the level of learning we would all be part of.  The depths that as a circle we would spiral into and the opening that would be resisted, embraced, feared, loved and accepted. The journey we would be together on for all those weekends.  And then there is the ending - bittersweet. 

At the beginning of May we had another ending: the graduation of another group of students who had also bravely and wisely entered into the weekends of learning.  I am thankful for being part of each leg of their journey.  Of feeling all my feelings as this precious circle opened to the change and prepared to never be the same again.  To be aware of how blessed I am to be part of all of be part of the Free Spirit School.
Thank you to all the students who have been or are part of my growth and learning.  Blessings to all of you!

grads 2013
Back:  Mike Sanford, Laurie Sales, Tiara Dicarlo, Pat Hartman, Tiffany Kneeland
Front:  Donna Redmer, Ruth Tozer, Kari Kelley, Amy Dell (missing: Polly Schellinger)
2013 Graduates

Accepting Applications to Developing Consciousness
Join Wisconsin's most unique and progressive healing school as we have a new Module 1 for our Developing Consciousness program beginning September 14th and 15th.  
What Does Free Spirit School's Developing Consciousness Program Offer?

Creating Awareness:
Personal Development
Taking Responsibility For My Happiness/Joy
Developing Subtle Senses
Healing Practices - Skills For Everyday Life
Three I's - Intuition, Imagination, Intellect

Recognizing My Potential:
Breaking Patterns And Unhealthy Habits
Awareness Of Situations Which Create My Pain And Suffering
Recognizing The Fears That Continue To Inhibit My Growth
Understanding That I Have A Voice And A Choice

Who Would I Be If I Embodied This Course?

Who would I become if I had no fear?

Reserve your seat in this amazing circle of learning.  Go to and sign up today!

Arizona Retreat - November 2013
The Game of Life!
When the Universe wants to spin the "Wheel of Fortune" for you and you're feeling like you need a "Magic 8 Ball" to help solve the "Chess" match that is your life, what games do you play in order to quiet that "Barrel of Monkeys" in your 

Well, if you want a "Clue" as to how to stop the game playing, we have a retreat that will "Boggle" your mind!  Join Rose and Diane in Fountain Hills, AZ November 7 - 9 for "The Games People Play".  If your mind feels like a game of "Scattagories", we'll help you ease the "Daily Jumble".  Watch your fears fall like "Dominos" as we uncover the "Charades" which veil our consciousness.  Take a "Risk" and "Tag" along with us as we "Beat the Clock" on the game of "Life"!

For a complete itinerary of the retreat, go to  You won't want to miss the fun!

Pebbles and Stones
 "The goal should not be to make money or acquire things, but to achieve the consciousness through which the substance will flow forth when and as you need it."  Eric Butterworth
"A great life starts within"  Malka Maxwell 
"We can change our own life and ultimately change the world." Kristi Bowman
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