a tribute to the Divine Masculine

I have had so many encounters with the negative aspects of men in my lifetime. Tonight, I've decided to pay tribute to the Divine Masculine. Tonight, I am honoring the men who embody honest-to-goodness greatness.  

To all of the "baby daddies" who do right by their children and their children's mother no matter what, kudos to you, my brothers. 

To all of the husbands who stay faithful and treat their wives with dignity, honor and respect... here is all of MY respect to YOU

To all of the men that still hold doors for women and still stop to help with a flat tire, even when they don't want a date, infinite gratitude to all of you. 

To all the fellas that would protect any woman, anywhere just because they wouldn't want to see their sister or mother or girlfriend in danger, your strength is so sexy. 

To all the males that truly cherish the females in their world. To the ones who take the time to do the little things in life that make their women smile, here's a little shout to you. 

My love goes out to all of you tonight. I pray that the Angels find a way to heal your broken brothers and help them reconnect to the divine feminine. But, for tonight, I pay tribute to you and the force of goodness that you are. My hat is tipped to the parents who raised you and to YOU for doing right in a society that can make that a serious challenge. 

Much love to you today, gentlemen. So very much love to you today and every day. You give us permission to be the soft, gentle, loving souls that we were born to be.

Deborah Lighthart