3 Truths from a Hospital Bed

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Radiant Soul Space

Jun 11, 2013 09:09 am | Otiti

3 Truths From a Hospital Bed

1.) It takes great strength to snap yourself out of victimhood and take responsibility for your actions.
However shitty or traumatic your past was, you still have to live today and tomorrow.
Are you wrapped up in “he said, she did,” or are you working out the knots so you can move forward?
Slice away the emotional debris of your battle stories and feed your soul fresh, healing words + habits. Yes you can.
2.) Be as silly and playful as you want.
Giving yourself the freedom to sparkle like a little kid will open you up to greater levels of energy and bubbly warmth.
I noticed I became a lot happier when I allowed myself giggle and say outrageous things as often as I wanted.
People love to laugh along with genuine warmth and playful humour.
Turns out, even cussing can spark a giggle if you say it right. Who knew.
3.) Be bold enough to express yourself when you feel it.
Life has a funny way of exploding in your face when you suppress all your emotions and the things you wish you could say but don’t.
It’s REALLY unhealthy to swallow what you feel and hush your voice, folks. Depression, anxiety, stress, emotional eating, insomnia, and chronic malaise are just a few of the effects of bottling your emotions for too long.
Speak your truth, yo.
I’ll say that again.
Speak your truth.
I started to heal for real when I faced up to some personal truths.
They may be murky, messy, and cracking me open, but they’re also giving me the freedom to become more of who I want to be.
Like when I realised I loved other people more than I loved myself and I had to switch it up to get healthy.
Or how it struck me that nobody was coming to save me from myself and I had to choose between life and death.
When I realised I was holding on to words and relationships that were no longer true for me.
When I began to answer incisive questions that challenged me to grow even when I felt like bursting out of my skin.
30 days in hospital taught me that you can run as fast as you want and deny your emotions as long as you like, but eventually, that shit catches up with you. And when it does, it happens in a BIG way.
It’s different for all of us, but it comes to us all.
You aren’t responsible for other people’s actions or decisions, but you ARE responsible for how you handle them. 
Feel free to be silly and playful whenever you want; it’ll keep your heart happy.
Speak your truth every time you need to; it’ll keep your mind sane.
Don’t wait ’til you’re up shit creek before you learn to paddle. It’s way more fun to ride the current as it comes. Much healthier, too.
In the comments below, I’d love to know: what have you learned from a recent conflict or dark night of the soul?
Image credit: Karen Salmansohn
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