Why Intuition is Hot

Why Intuition is so hot right now: Make your impact. Own your edge
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Why Intuition is so hot right now: Make your impact. Own your edge

You have noticed. You are hearing about intuition now everywhere. Intuitive counselors, coaches and specialists are springing up all over the world. And if you are anything like me, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun.
So: here’s the second blog in my series on intuition. If you didn’t catch the first one, its right here.

Blog # 2: Act on your intuition: develop serious intuitive skills

Intuition is a powerful key to taking your life to the next level and making the impact that you want and need to in the world.
As the leader, entrepreneur, coach: as the change maker that you are, you want these skills.
Here's why:

Intuition is your edge

Intuition is your key to unlimited intelligence. Intuition is the way you access any information you want, when you want. Intuition aligns you with your deepest desires and dreams and effortlessly attracts exactly what you want, expediting life at an accelerated level. Once you hone your skills there is no limit to what you can accomplish.
There is a reason why intuition is so hot right now. Collectively and intuitively we have reached a tipping point in our collective awareness. We are beginning to live from the inside out. Because of this, it has never been easier than it is now to explore and hone your intuitive skills and take your life to the next level.
Here are some questions for you to explore your intuitive process and determine where your intuitive strengths lie:
Take out a pen and your notebook or journal and play with these ideas. Just write down what immediately comes to mind. Write what feels right. Don’t analyze what you write at first. Later there will be plenty of time to explore at more depth. To really take this process to the next level: engage these questions intensely.
Just catch those first thoughts that flash into your mind. They are usually right on.

How intuitive are you? How much attention do you give to your intuition? What is the most powerful intuitive experience you have ever had? What made this stand out for you?* When was the last time you acted on your intuition? What action is this inspiring in you right now?

*this is important and attention worthy: It’s the way your intuition likes to get your attention and your own unique personal intuitive style. For example, one of the ways my intuition likes to get my attention: it gets me to pick up a book and open it ‘randomly’ and the message is usually right there. I know because it jumps out off the page at me. And if I am a little slow to pick up on it, it will keep repeating this process until I do.
The most amazing aspect of intuition? Once you begin to pay attention and allow your intuition to come freely into your conscious mind – once you make the intuitive process conscious – you begin to pick up on exactly what you need and everything starts coming together.
Intention and intuition work hand in hand. Once you set your intention to experience your intuition more consciously you begin to know: you find yourself making the right connections and being in the right place at the right time and things start happening – on their own.
It’s as if your intuition is on autopilot for you. As it is.

To strengthen your intuitive skills: ACT on what you get. It’s essential to act on your intuition and to see what living the ideas and insights actually yields. Often you will be blown away by the results.

Know this also: when you begin to play with intuition consciously it often becomes welcome to second guessing central where you start to question and doubt everything. It’s like your normal doubt process just got amped up like nothing else. Push through this and act anyway. It’s common when you bring more awareness to a process for this amplifying effect to occur.
And don’t worry about feeling like you are making it up. This is just a sophisticated left brain tactic kicking in to keep everything logically correct. While your left brain works with and enhances your right brain processes, it can get in the way if you let it. Merely acknowledge the alert and move on.

So how to know what to act on?

Go with the strongest hit, impulse, insight. You know, the ones that hit you and stay with you pulling on you for attention. Explore these and see what this opens up for you.
Let your intuition open up a whole new level of staying present for you*
One more thing: the more action you take, the more you reinforce and expand your intuitive process and skills. Experiment. Explore. Have fun. Don’t think in terms of right or wrong, just stay open and curious and see what happens.
And let me know. I love love love hearing about your experiences and what happens for you when you begin to explore new ideas.
*next time we get to play with intuitive presence: how intuition takes being in the moment to the next level.
This article is your sneak peak from the book Intuitive edge.
Have an amazing week,
Love Premakarini x

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