TMR in Sussex Friday Night!

Sedona Sunset

This Friday Night, May 24th
TMR Energy Healing Circle
and Angel Speak at
Tree Top Yoga in Sussex 

7:00 - 9:00 pm
6:00 pot luck dinner (optional)  
      Tree Top Yoga at N93 W25173 Bittersweet Dr, Sussex

Dear Deborah,    
Letting go of that which no longer serves us... reaching ever expanded awareness... coming into alignment with all of the change the expanded energies are bringing... the chance to communicate directly with your Angels... all these and more are available to you this Friday night.

The evening will begin with Angel messages shared with the group, and continue with giving participants the chance to ask questions of their Angels.  These experiences are incredible blessings in and of themselves, and they make each TMR® Circle is a blessed and joyful experience. 

We then transition into the Total Multidimensional Release® energy healing.  Plain and simple, it is pure, unconditional love dedicated to assisting each participant in healing and releasing that which exists within them that is not in harmony with love.   It is optimally delivered in group settings, and participants need do nothing more than relax comfortably while the healing  takes place.
 Total Multidimensional Healing is a most beautiful, gentle, yet incredibly powerful way to release any physical, emotional or spiritual issues that no longer serve us.
The exchange is currently $40 per person, with financial support if needed (in other words, if this exchange is not financially comfortable for you, join us away, and bring and amount that is:).      

What can you bring to the events with pot luck dinners?   
  • Yourself... and a possible guest or two
  • A way cool dish of one of your favorite foods to pass (potlucks are optional) 
  • Whatever beverage you desire (other than the water and tea here)
  • An open heart and a smile :)   
   RSVP's appreciated to Cindi at TreeTop, or to Erik at:

The Mission of A Spirited Place, which is the programming Erik shares and/or hosts in his retreat-like home on Pretty Lake near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, is to provide:
  ~ Enlightening programming,
  ~ Healing of the body, mind and spirit,  
  ~ Life, manifestation and spiritual coaching services
to assist individuals in the awakening process, including helping to find, to know, to love and to expand the Divine Spirited Place that exists within us all:)  

Erik Swenson's A Spirited Place

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