Respect: the experience

Your greatest inspiration is a reflection of who you are

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Respect: the experience

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Deep respect is a total turn on. There is nothing more attractive or alluring. When you encounter other souls who get this, and you get to share this with them, there’s nothing more fun.

Respect is a question of equality. Respect is essentially acknowledging another’s equality with your own.


What is respect to you?
What do you respect most about yourself?
What do you admire most in others?

Your greatest inspiration is a reflection of who you are

You can tell how truly evolved someone is by the amount of respect they have for all other people, especially people they don’t necessarily know well, but also those close to them in their life.

First and foremost: respect yourself deeply. There’s no other way to understand respect better than through this experience. Teach yourself respect. Experience it more in your life: this can range from giving yourself more rest to pursuing your deepest dreams. This is true respect.

Respect is a deep listening to what you truly need. Let intuition show you exactly what this is.

Notice how you feel when you feel deeply respected. Notice the difference it makes in your life.
It is not until you deeply respect yourself can you extend this level of respect to others.
Consider others feelings and wishes as equally important as your own. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Notice how others respond to this level of respect: the experience of this is enough for you to realize the power of what I am saying here. Realize that you can’t always fulfill what others want, but you can respect what they want by encouraging and empowering them to pursue their dreams with other people.

Sometimes freeing people to live their truth with others is the most beautiful thing you can do. And when you free others in this way, you always free yourself.

Premakarini x

Let me know how this adds to your life. Thank you as always for sharing this on facebook and twitter, it is always deeply appreciated and makes my day. Know you are always welcome to stop by and say hi either on my facebook or twitter anytime, or send me a message, I love hearing how you are.

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