Post Launch Blues + Gremlin Views

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Radiant Soul Space

Apr 30, 2013 04:23 pm | Otiti

Post-Launch Blues + Gremlin Views

“Yay, my page’s getting traction!”
“I’ve gotten mad props for my style. WOOT!”
“Check out all the shares, yo!”
Cricket, cricket.
“No one’s buying. No one’s engaging. Oh fuck WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!?!”
Just a few of the thoughts bouncing around my head since I launched The Live Raw, Fiery, & BOLD Academy last Tuesday.
I know my offer’s solid + there’s crazy value.
I’ve been told it’s amazing + just what people need.
But I can’t seem to connect with the women who need it most.
Not yet, anyway.
Now that the euphoria’s gone and I’m walking on earth again, I find myself fretting over the absence of reader engagement.
Where are my right people? What am I doing wrong? Does anybody LOVE me?
See what I’m doing? Feeling like a failure just because things aren’t going exactly as I want them to. Ready to pull the plug already even though it’s only been a week and this IS a slow launch, after all.
Inhale. Exhaaale. Deep yogic breathing and shit.
How often have our gremlins scared us into dropping projects that just needed a little more time to develop?
How many dreams have been picked apart and discarded because we forced ourselves to do it perfect or not at all?
How much joy has been lost because we let worries and gremlin views trump level-headedness?
I’m guessing way too many times to count, yes?
So let’s switch it up. Let’s switch it WAY up, yo.
Let it be fun.
Let it be easy.
Let it be what comes naturally.
Let it be stronger than your fear + deeper than you dare.
It’s not about runaway success and instant fame.
It’s not about glossy perfection and shiny bonuses.
It’s about touching a heart so deeply she says, “Yes. THIS. This is what I needed right now. Thank you.”
It’s about airing your truth and trusting it’ll resonate with your right people as you do the legwork.
It’s about showing up and sticking it out even when you wanna pack it in and tiptoe away. 
Sometimes it’s messy.
You get an idea, flesh it out, execute, and end up with egg on your face.
You follow the call, give your all, and it’s still not enough.
Do you stop trying, or do you stop worrying?
Stop worrying. It gives you wrinkles and that unpleasant catch in your heart.
Feel free to switch things up and change your habits, your methods . . . even your reason for being.
Feel free to do anything, as long as it moves you forward and keeps you grounded in your truth.
We all stumble at some point. We all fall. Some of us don’t, can’t, or won’t get up.
Be one of those who do.
Be one of those who radiate: love. possibility. action. revolution.
Be one of those who survive post-launch blues + gremlin views.
Jam with your feel-good posse.
Sing out loud to your favourite tunes.
Celebrate your launch (or lack thereof if you kept it REAL simple).
Rest. Sleep. Hydrate.
And don’t let the bastard gremlins grind you down.
Can I get a witness!
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