Intuitive Peak Experience, Meditation + Creative Genius: The Connection and your Invitation

“Each life experience poses this question: how do you want to be changed because of me?”

Mollie Marti

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Intuitive Peak Experience, Meditation + Creative Genius: The Connection and your Invitation

How to experience your creative genius? A peak experience? intuition?

Raise the level of your awareness: Do whatever you love, experience what you appreciate most, heighten your perception. Sharpen your senses. Explore what these are for you.

Besides the obvious intensifying bliss + ecstasy, you know when you switch up a level because you start to hear things that you haven’t heard before in a familiar piece of music; everything seems and feels fresh, brand new…like you are experiencing it for the first time.

Anything that gets you to this experience: know it is pure genius.

My first conscious experience of this was through music. Then it was through The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East Books in 94. Every time I read them they blow me away and seem like new books to me. And they have opened up unlimited experience for me.

“Each life experience poses this question: how do you want to be changed because of me?”

Mollie Marti

It is in how you approach each experience, how much you allow yourself to totally inhabit the moment: how much presence you bring to what you are doing, where you are. Essentially, how much experience you let in, trust.

Presence = trust

When we are not as present {trusting} life dulls, the senses glaze over, they miss so much beauty this way.

When you are present, your senses heighten, sharpen, open up whole new worlds for you. You keep experiencing more and more beauty, you glow.

You shine.  You possess presence + beauty to the degree you allow yourself to experience these qualities. The more you experience them, and it doesn't matter in what way, the more you exude them. It’s an identity thing. You begin to see your own beauty the more your sense of this develops and heightens, so you cannot help but express it.

The key is to experiment: let yourself experience more, to keep reaching for more…let go more all the time, stay out of the way: don’t even think about how it is, lose yourself in the pure experience itself, let it all pour through you. Just measure your experience only by how ecstatic it is. Let this be your barometer for success.

You deserve this quality of experience.

Notice what creative passions open up this experience the most for you. For me it’s singing, dancing and writing. But it can also be photography, film or painting.

Enlightenment, peak experience whatever you want to call it doesn't matter how you get there. And there’s infinite ways. One of the things I love to do is to explore new ways just for fun and so I can pass them on.

I had the most amazing meditation class experience with a group of clients this week. It really is a lot of fun, a joy and a privilege. Meditation is one of my favorite passions because there are so many forms it can take. Dance right now is one where I experience some of the most peak experiences, and when I sing as well, this is amplified intensely. But then there is writing. And I love exploring Kriya yoga + playing with the breath.

Meditation is the door to peak experience and creative genius. Explore what you love doing most: this is the ideal meditation for you.

Meditation is listening to your intuition. There’s no right or wrong or one way to achieve this, it’s what naturally resonates with you, in the way you are most aware of. For some this is more just a feeling, an emotional knowing, for others it is image based: this is how you understand. For many it is a palpable feeling in your gut, goosebumps, shivers up and down the spine, and many other tactile sensations. When I dance it is movement and shape. For others it is more intellectual. For others, more sensual. You have your own unique way of processing experience.

Explore what yours is.


You are invited to join me in whatever meditation you love most this Holiday weekend: starts full moon rise tonight til midnight Monday. This is the most powerful time each year to experience meditation: have fun!

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