A New Experience

A couple of days a month, since November 2012, I drive roughly 52 miles one way to Lake Geneva, WI from Milwaukee, WI to an Awaken Higher Brain Living center. The first time I made the trip, my Google Maps directions proved wrong getting me slightly lost. Needless to say, I tossed those directions. Since then I've relied on my GPS to get me there the quickest way.

Two weeks ago, it sunk into my brain that the quickest directions aren't always the shortest or the smartest. I backtracked 8 miles each way! Talk about a waste. It occurred to me, I could take an earlier exit from the freeway making my drive easier, though adding a few minutes to my drive time.

On Tuesday, I took the new route and opened my eyes to a brand new experience. My route led me through farm country on Hwy 120. With the windows letting the country breeze wafting through the car and my eyes searching for horses and cows, which I saw, I saw more! Sheep in a pasture and tractors plowing fields made me smile. Left behind concrete silos and foundations piqued my curiosity as to what might have been. Did a fire burn out the rest of the building? Had these been built as is? To only know the history of the farms do the answers live.

The speed limit dropped as a drove through small unincorporated towns. A lone Post Office sat on a corner, asleep for the night.

A 14 mile stretch of road lay behind me. I know that highway has plenty of stories to tell and share to those who look and listen. I look ahead to another trip and the memories my journey creates.