A Credo for Creative Freedom

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Radiant Soul Space

May 08, 2013 03:22 am | Otiti

A Credo for Creative Freedom

You are free to create from a genuinely pure place and express what needs to be said, seen, heard, and appreciated.
You are free to do your best work by saying what’s true to you and what you feel deep inside.
You are free to push the envelope and do something wildly different from everyone else.
You are free to challenge anyone — society, pundits, artists . . . even yourself.
You are free to be remarkable — travel the world in 5 years; become an expert vegan chef for fun; make your kids smile as you raise them to be beautiful human beings from the inside out.
You are free to choose — love, heart, destiny.
You are free to co-create your reality: what do you long for? What excites you? How do you want to FEEL?
You are free to reinvent yourself again and again as you discover deeper, truer layers of yourself.
You are free to move, stir your blood, and ride the wave of inspiration that follows.
You are free to crackle with neon energy.
You are free to be still for 10 minutes every day and renew your mind.
You are free to ask for exactly what you want, when you want it, and how you want it. 
You are free to give your dreams + desires room to swirl + bloom into being.
You are free to love your art with all your heart — and strip away every facet that no longer serves you or your tribe. 
You are free to build a vibrant, interactive community that pushes you to create your best art.
You are free to be as intense and wildly energetic as you wish.
You are free to operate with new paradigms that reshape your reality and the world around you.
You are free to fail as you tread the path to greatness.
You are free to start and finish your dream projects.
You are free to ship when you don’t think you’re ready.
You are free to launch even when you’re scared shitless.
You are free to care enough to give, be, and do your best. Every time.
You are free to be a soulful creative.
You are free to be . . .  you.
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