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Spark up your brightest smile as you shine a light on not only your business but on your dazzling authentic self as well. AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™, CitiGal, and one of the hottest spots in town Karma Bar & Grill are hosting a 3-part event that will leave you beaming!  

It all starts with a Business Social and Speed Networking. Mix and mingle with local business owners and entrepreneurs as you share available skills, products, and services in a high energy atmosphere. It's like speed dating; we want you to leave with multiple matches.

After you've expanded your network, it's time to expand your mind as we watch The Shadow Effect. It's a gripping docudrama that breaks down our darkest internal behaviors (our shadows) and reveals how to embrace them so that we ignite a higher level of consciousness. Be inspired by commentary from prolific leaders such as Debbie Ford and Deepak Chopra.

Then learn a technique that further shines a light on our authentic self. Higher Brain Living® creates a shift from our darkest thoughts to the part of the brain used to create a new bright life. It frees us to be who we were meant to be, noble beings capable of creating powerful lasting positive change.

6pm - 10:30pm
Saturday, May 4, 2013
Karma Bar & Grill
600 E. Ogden Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Ready to shine a spotlight on you and your business?
RSVP today! Only $15

Eventbrite - We're Going to Light Up the Night!

Scrumptious appetizers provided by Karma Bar & Grill

CityGal women's magazine, founded by Melanie Beres, is published with the directive of showcasing successful women and addresses "hard hitting" issues such as relational aggression. CityGal's authors are hand picked professionals in their fields, who provide useful resources so that their readers can continue learning and developing.
The Shadow Effect
In This Issue
Tap Into Your Inner Monk
Do the Work You Were Born to Do
It's A Crazy World Out There
Be A Part of the Problem
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Tap Into Your Inner Monk
Tap Into Your Inner Monk

Thurs, April. 25, 6:30pm Milwaukee, WI
Monks are known for their incredible levels of concentration and their ability to positively channel significant amounts of internal energy. How would you like to tap into your inner monk? There's a mental technique whose results have proven to be equally as powerful as a monk's state of consciousness. It's called Higher Brain Living® and it stimulates a flow of energy that enlightens and empowers.

During a Higher Brain Living® session a feedback mechanism is activated that brings life-sustaining oxygen and increased metabolism into the prefrontal cortex (higher brain). Typically clients experience lasting confidence, peace, and abundance. What takes monks years and long hours of meditation to achieve, you can attain in a 22 session series. Learn more at this free demonstration and live presentation. Your inner monk is calling.

Do the Work You Were Born to Do
Do the Work You Were Born To Do
Gain a Meaningful Career with 360° Benefits

Sunday, April 28, 1pm Milwaukee, WI  
A career in Higher Brain Living® is one that comes FULL CIRCLE. It not only significantly changes your life, but it provides you with the skills to enhance the lives of everyone around you. Milwaukee Area this is your ONLY CHANCE in 2013 to learn how to be trained in Higher Brain Living® or to find out how to own an AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ center.  

Passionate educated leaders in psychology, life coaching, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga, and other holistic fields choose Higher Brain Living® because it offers them an unprecedented way to help clients grow, evolve, and "live with" lasting peace, happiness, and confidence. They have discovered that their area of expertise alone is not enough to facilitate the extraordinary spiral of positive change available exclusively through Higher Brain Living®.
Click here to learn more and to pre-register for free!
$25 entry at the door. Seating is limited.

It's A Crazy World Out There
It's A Crazy World Out There... 

Thursday, May 9, 5:30pm Milwaukee, WI 
...filled with mounting deadlines, perpetual appointments, economic scares, and constant pressures, and just when you think you have a handle on it all; everything changes!

How Do You Deal With All the Madness? First, realize that you're not in this alone. Come and learn from others who have released the anxiety and emerged in a state of harmony and peace.

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