What you need to know!

There is a new human awareness emerging.
Who really knows about this?

What you need to know is that we are living in a period of inner revolution and evolution of human consciousness. This means the time has come to move away from our old conditioned concepts, beliefs, and especially from personal agendas making it possible to move into a freer, uplifted and spirit filled life.

Ask any person connected with ISA about their inner revolution and you will hear about an emptying out of programmed thoughts and the birthing of a new way of life.

A popular sage said, “This revolution is a breaking away from the old, repetitive, dead structures of thought and perception that humanity finds itself trapped in.”

ISA is a specialty school seasoned in research, experience, and inner realizations of a deeper way to live from a more unconditioned state of being. Our participants soon discover we are more than just human.

ISA knows it is called upon to teach, share, and serve as a place to welcome all those who sense a flow of new information starting to impact their life. It’s enlightening to experience this journey towards waking up with others on the same inner trip.

To change the world is not your mission.
To change yourself is not your duty.
To awaken to your true nature is your opportunity.

Helen Borth
Director of ISA
Institute of Self Awareness
13745 W. Capitol Dr.
Brookfield, WI 53005
Call 262-781-5300 for the 4 week class