Success When Career Paths Align

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A career in Higher Brain Living® can bring everything into alignment.
It not only significantly changes your life, but it provides you with the skills to enhance the lives
of everyone around you.

Why Take the Leap?
Ask Dr. Drew Neville - Core Team Presenter of Higher Brain Living®:

"I have been a seeker of self improvement and growth since I can remember. I would say that I have been guided by a great balance of analytical application (conscious), divine intervention (unconscious), and knowing when they are both aligned (heart). When I saw my first live demonstration of a Higher Brain Living® session almost 4 years ago, I remember saying in my head, "I want what he (Dr. Cotton) has." Something came to life in a front of me that I had known was a possibility. I had an idea of this since I had begun my journey helper of humankind almost 10 years ago. However, what I saw that day I knew was leading edge and revolutionary. My life was about to embark on a new path. Since that fateful day all of the pieces have fell into place and here I am a National Presenter of Higher Brain Living®."
Milwaukee Area this is your ONLY CHANCE in 2013 to learn how to be trained in Higher Brain Living® or to find out about owning  an AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ center.

Do the work you were born to do.
Now thanks to Dr. Michael Cotton, creator of Higher Brain Living® - we can change the physiology of our brains. This system creates a clear channel and powerful energy surge to the Higher Brain that opens a gateway to true lasting, limitless and expansive higher living like no psychological, spiritual, or physical healing modality on the planet.

Who becomes a Higher Brain Living® practitioner?
Passionate, educated leaders in psychology, life coaching, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga, and other holistic fields choose Higher Brain Living® because it offers them an unprecedented way to help clients grow, evolve, and "live with" lasting peace, happiness, and confidence.

These leaders have discovered their area of expertise alone is not enough to facilitate the extraordinary spiral of positive change available exclusively through Higher Brain Living®.

Drew Neville Higher Brain Living

Learn how you can change lives by accessing the top tier of your brain, becoming a top income earner while in a top notch space! The Iron Horse is a trendy luxury boutique hotel that offers an "authentic Milwaukee experience" with unique amenities and unparalleled business services.

You don't want to miss this live presentation and demonstration by expert
Dr. Drew Neville
1pm - 3pm
Sun. April 28, 2013
Iron Horse Hotel
It's FREE when you pre-register. $25 at the door.

Click Here to Register

Contact for more info.

This event is limited to 80 attendees and will fill up quickly! Please register to reserve your spot today! Valet vouchers will provided at the event for the first 20 people. Free street parking is also available. There are elevators that will take you to the 6th floor where the event will be held in The Loft event room.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Interested in a meaningful career with AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™, but you're not in the Milwaukee Area?  

There is also the option for online training!
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Get Your Angel Wings On & Let's Fly!
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Angel Lobe Expansion

Get Your Angel Wings On 
& Let's Fly! 

Sun., April 7, 1:00pm Milwaukee, WI 
Higher Brain sessions help to activate the part of your brain known as the "Angel Lobes." This area in your brain is an amazing, yet mostly untapped resource for promoting life change. Once you start to utilize your Higher Brain, your internal GPS begins to automatically navigate toward the direction of your dreams, clearing out anything in your life that stands in the way. Higher Brain Living® is the fastest way to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

When you attend this FREE DEMONSTRATION of the Higher Brain process at 1pm, you receive a FREE $10.00 TICKET to the AngelSpeaK Circle with Deborah Lighthart after the presentation.  

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