Spontaneity reigns

“Spontaneity accelerates the intuitive experience. Be bold. Do everything the way that feels right, every time. The authenticity of this: everything.” 
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Spontaneity reigns.

When you are spontaneous: you are in the moment. You have enough trust. You act intuitively. You gain clarity. You are empowered. You are having fun.

Trust is the key to the intuitive process.

You don’t have to overthink everything. You gain nothing from second guessing in life. The more you think: the less clear you are. Clarity comes from acting and responding spontaneously + intuitively in each moment.
Trust that what you need most in each moment will come through you exactly in the form that is best. Think + feel from your intuitionTrust what feels right. Be spontaneous. Spontaneity is not only the key to being your authentic self, spontaneity works because it unleashes your intuitive self which enables you to be all you, which, incidentally, is all you need.

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.

Ernest Holmes 

“Spontaneity accelerates the intuitive experience. Be bold. Do everything the way that feels right, every time. It probably won’t make sense but the authenticity of this: everything.” 

This is why intuition + the intuitive experience is so important and powerful:

It allows you to be you. It allows you to experience life at any level you desire and to keep taking it to the next level, which is the natural function of desire.

You are always wanting what’s next whether you are conscious of it or not.

This is just how you are wired. You can’t help but want more. Its how you evolve.
Don’t waste time trying to get rid of your desire. Denying what you want: dangerous territory – interesting, but not easy.

When you know what you want: go get it. Do whatever it takes to put it in motion. Honor + respect yourself in this way.

One of the reasons your life isn’t all it can be: you don’t respect yourself enough. You are always controlling what you have and want, instead of respecting your intuitive, spontaneous preference in the moment. You do it every day, all day long. You want a coffee and you don’t get stop and get it. You want to tell someone how you really feel: you don’t call. You want to lie down and rest: you push through and force out another hours work.
You do it all the time because you think you “know” better.
What you think you want and need and what you really want and need: two different things usually.
Test drive this + see.
Watch how many times you debate getting something during the day from big to the smallest decisions. Note all the times you second guess yourself. Notice how often you tell yourself no throughout even one morning.
Now do it differently. Experiment: experience your spontaneity + intuition. Dare to be this alive + present.
{excerpt from the upcoming Intuitive Edge: Take Life to the Next Level}
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