Soulmate Support Group

Soulmate Support Group
6-7pm Central Every Thursday
with Deborah Lighthart of
If you've found your "soulmate" or your "twin flame" and have discovered that it may not be the journey of perpetual bliss that you thought it was going to be, then this group is for you. Our soulmates come in many forms and oftentimes challenge us in all of the areas of life where we are needing growth. This can be a difficult experience to go through, especially if you are not in a romantic partnership with a soulmate who recognizes the incredible healing process that you are both experiencing.
Our facilitator, Deborah, offers spiritual guidance and channeled messages from the Angels and Spirit Guides during the session. These messages can help all participants to understand the nature of the soulmate experience and how to best navigate through it.
This group meets weekly to help those who are struggling with their soulmate experiences. We keep the group limited to 20, so that all those who wish to share verbally and ask questions are able to do so.