Introducing The Live Raw, Fiery & BOLD Academy

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Radiant Soul Space

Apr 23, 2013 11:17 am | Otiti

Introducing The Live Raw, Fiery, & BOLD Academy

I unveiled my blog page for The Live Raw, Fiery, & BOLD Academy earlier today.
I am nervous. Miffed at some tech glitches. Worried it doesn’t look professional enough.
But on the other hand . . .
I’m STOKED. Juiced. Excited to finally reveal this to the world. Titillated by the women I plan to interview. In awe of the big beautiful vision beckoning me, pulling me forward.
I am helpless to resist.
I don’t WANT to resist.
I want to plug into the flow and ride the wave of inspiration; dig deep and discover the hot jewels waiting to enrich my course.
I am creating.
I’m birthing this from my soul. From deep within I’m listening and teasing out what I yearn to know and teach; things I didn’t even know I knew flowing forth and blowing my mind, pointing me in the direction of my new life and my destiny.
I feel excited. Truly, madly, deeply, excited. For me. For what I’m doing. For my life and my present. For being in this very moment and drinking in its juice. Like I’m being pulled forward by my inner goddess, by the Divine urging me to heights ever purer and ever sweeter.
I’m letting go of “but what will people say?” and tuning into “how does this make me feel inside?”
I’m unfurling into what I plan to teach my ladies: big, beautiful, luscious awareness of my spirit + what she’s dying to create.
Launching even when I don’t feel ready. Willing to make mistakes so I can learn from them. Willing to fail because it’s still a step closer to where I wanna be.
I feel love. Peace. Joy. I feel like bright shiny colours are dancing around and with my soul. I feel like sunshine’s streaming through my veins. I feel like miracles are bubbling and coming into being.
I feel open. Fresh. Grateful. I feel like my soul’s being tickled by big juicy visions of my destiny. I feel like I’m becoming more of who I was born to be.
I feel . . . me. :)
Everything I need is coming to me at the exact moment I gotta have it. God has my back. The universe is delivering. I’m plugged into energy that has my neurons firing + my heart dancing and creating.
I feel life force bubbling in my veins. I feel . . . more alive than I’ve ever been.
I feel.
That’s the difference, really. Feeling.
I’m not numb anymore. I’m not swathed in lethargy anymore.
I’m open to feeling. I’m able to feel.
Everything: the joy, the anger, the compassion, life.
I can feel.
I can FEEL!
That’s why I feel so alive. It’s why I’m excited. Why my heart is full.
I haven’t been able to stop beaming all day.
I. Can. Feel. Yeah, baby. 
My heart is blessed with love + light + energy. Oh yes.
And let me tell you, it is AMAZING. :D
PS: Friday vlogs are on hold ’cause I’m hip-deep in creating content for the Academy. Maybe they’ll return once I’m up and running. Or not. Thoughts?
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