In Times of Tragedy

It’s in times like recent tragedies where we must come together as one.
When tragedy occurs, we reach to the hand or voice of a loved one or a stranger. We seek comfort and solace. We look for answers in questions of why. Yet we know the true answers won’t arise from the ashes; only a phoenix can do that.
Images and hours of coverage for the worst tragedies take preference to everyday life forgetting about events closer to home. For instance, in the midst of the Boston Marathon bombing, we lost sight of the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion. I know how many lives were lost and how many homes destroyed. Do you? No amount of coverage can fix the questions we’ll never have true answers to.
But isn’t each unexplained death considered a tragedy? Turn on the news, open a newspaper, or tune into the internet. Everyday you learn about someone who got shot, stabbed, or even worse ended their own life because of something they did or someone else did. Take bullying as an example. Innocent lives are being lost because of bullying. A very sad situation to think that you have to end your life because of something you didn’t even do. All that is preventable…even if you don’t see the warning signs, it is preventable. Domestic violence shows its face around and for what, because someone can’t control their anger. Take it out on something, not someone.
All this is avoidable if we step up and be heard. You can have all the laws in the world, but what’s preventing someone from pulling out a gun and taking a life or wounding for life.  Everyone owns their decisions in life. Everyone makes their own choices. And yet, it’s never their fault.
How do we fix it? By speaking up and owning our voice. Stop the violence. End the bullying. Remove the guns from the streets. Just because conceal and carry laws exist, doesn’t mean you have to carry. End the violence before it begins. It begins with you…in speech, in prayers, through love and peace. Just one voice needs to hear and listen.